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    Red face Asking for most everyone's input: Question of "winging it"/work & talent

    Alright, I've got 2 things I'd like some insight on:

    1. "Winging it" on a piece, and putting work into it.
    I'm wondering if most concept artists are able to just begin drawing and out comes a great final result. Perhaps lay down the underlying shapes/guidelines first, but the contours and aesthetics of the image done um.. on the spot? i.e. the process is simple and not much effort required.


    Do most concept artists put hard work in to achieve the details of the image. I'll try to specify... for instance, would they first draw a basic stick figure skeleton of the figure in action, then quickly sketch over the contours of the person, paying attention to everything and anything, and then finally inking it?

    I think I'm confusing the 2 things I'm trying to address here and I apologize for that. I guess to break it down - does a great piece require moderate/great effort?

    How about time? Do you feel it is an important factor to get a great piece done ASAP, maybe within a certain time limit - or do you take your time? Besides deadlines, does initial time taken to complete the drawing matter?

    Bottom line: is going the extra mile, spending that extra few seconds, minutes, or even hour, just to get the basis of the drawing or a moderate completion of it - necessary? Does it pay off?

    I just find myself spending more than necessary on a stupid little thumbnail sketch or sketch itself - I attribute this simply to novice understanding of form/anatomy and whatever aspects involved of what I'm trying to draw that I may not fully comprehend...

    2. Does the inherit talent necessarily equate to more time spent working on a piece?
    I see alot of great work here and abroad, and I often wonder "how long did it take them to produce that? It's great! That kind of work would take me some time. If it would take me some time, does that mean I'm less skilled/talented, or am I just more focused?"

    Sorry if I've confused anyone. It's all so clear in my head but not in my words :bash:

    Thank you for your replies.

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    I can't speak for anyone else nor do I consider myself an expert in the subject but...
    Lately when I do illustrations I will use damn near a whole sketchbook drawing rough, I mean really rough, sketches of compositon, poses, design of elements, in one illustration before I ever start on THE sketch that will ultimately become the finished piece. I never used to do this before. I was always too lazy and just wanted to finish a piece based on my very first sketch. But then again the layzyness i mentioned isn't necessarilty a bad thing. Sometiomes that first sketch is the one. It spontaneously works and I won't have to use up ton of paper.

    Also I will deliberately, stop working on a piece, and come back to it later, just so I can get a different look at it and make adjustments.

    So, did I say anything here?:confused:

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    Phait Guest
    Not sure what to say at the moment but thanks for replying

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