E.O.W Round 28: Abandoned Colony Survivors - The Big Vote!
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  • Tyranx

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  • FunkytownP

    3 13.04%
  • corbeledg

    1 4.35%
  • rawwad

    1 4.35%
  • Octothreat

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  • Migsta

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  • speculart

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  • nuclearbavaria

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  • ferak seg

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  • IcyM

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  • Idiot Apathy

    2 8.70%
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Thread: E.O.W Round 28: Abandoned Colony Survivors - The Big Vote!

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    E.O.W Round 28: Abandoned Colony Survivors - The Big Vote!

    E.O.W Round 28: VOTING THREAD

    TOPIC: Abandoned Colony Survivors

    Deadline For Voting: Thursday 29th July

    Please vote for your personal favourite artwork from this round. Please remember that your vote should reflect an equal weight of aesthetic impact, adherance to the brief, and idea development.

    Your votes will be public.
    Please help strengthen the activity by leaving criticism for the artist you vote for, and for any other artworks you can manage!


    Im sorry about the delay this time guys I had trouble accessing the thread.


    Ted Nackman, UDF Research Division, 05/23/2245 - Recently we have had trouble with communications to Earth, and Ramirez tells me the power generators are acting up again, I don't know what the hell is going on but its been like this for about a month now. Only 23 more days and I'm off this pile of shit... seems like an eternity...

    Ted Nackman, UDF Research Division, 06/12/2245 - We're FUCKED. The portal to Earth has dissapeared!!

    Ted Nackman, UDF Research Division, 08/27/2245 - Today an interdimensional tear appeared in the sky, it is sucking up everything, INCLUDING US. Thankfully the anti gravity generator is still working and we haven't yet lost any altitude, but its only a matter of time.

    Ted Nackman, UDF Research Division, 08/30/2245 - We have decided to take our chances. Staying here means certain death, by unanomious vote we have decided to turn off the anti grav generator and fall into the tear. Only god knows where the hell it leads.


    Facing the eclipse of not one but both of their suns, these colonists must abandon their home for brighter ground as not even the hull of their long ago crashed ship will be able to protect them against the coming extremes.


    One colonist scrambled behind some piping in the outpost's hallways. He watched on with horror as the rest of the inhabitants met their fate. Through his paniced breaths he swore to himself, he would survive.


    Sector 12ssc-dh34 Space Scientific Mining Colony
    position: Planet Zeti, station at moon Zeti-troi
    abandoned status: 94%
    scientists: 2 - Scott Oro
    Sean Delaur
    program: a) scanning and testing new minerals and raw materials.
    b) testing moder space mining technology
    remaining transport time: 114 days
    remaining sun return time: 490days

    Scott: Sean? Did you see this?
    Sean: What?
    Scott: SUN! haha!
    Sean: Yeah, really funny.
    Scott: Is there any problem? haha!
    Sean: haha, yeah, f*cking sun!
    Scott: Right, f*cking sun.
    Sean: And f*cking heat ,and f*cking station ,and f*cking space ,and, and, and ....
    Scott: And what?
    Sean: F*cking transport, agrrrrrr! How long it will be take!
    Scott: I think, it will be about 114 days.
    Sean: Agrrrrr!
    Scott: Letīs go, say it. Haha!
    Sean: F*ck!
    Scott: I totaly agree with you.
    Sean: What will be with station?
    Scott: Will burn.
    Sean: It cost lot of money, then it ....
    Scott: Thatīs not our problem. We only work at this place.
    Sean: Damn place!
    Scott: Haha! sure.
    Sean: 40 years is such a long night.
    Scott: Pretty long night. Letīs go in.
    Sean: 40 years ?! huh
    Scott: Yeah, but we are here only 2years. For us itīs only 2years night. haha! D
    Sean: Only? you are crazy!
    Scott: Nevermind, Party is over. But we have still some tests to do. Do you go in?
    Sean: Yep.


    After more than twenty years, there was nothing left of the floating colony but falling debris amid the megastorm. Only a handful of colonists made it through the burning sky and violent winds to land on one of the small polyp islands dotting the lower atmosphere of this alien planet.

    Mining Colony

    The Titan Mining Colonys final day came sooner then expected. While drilling, the crew had burst a pocket of gasses which when exposed for certain periods of time, protected only with miner gear, would mean certain death. The project had to be immediately abandoned. All that where not present for evacuation where presumed dead. Everyone had boarded the evacuation vehicles and were safely on their way to Earth.... except for four miners who had gone on a survey of land for future drilling and they were protected with surveyors gears for such an event. They had come back minutes too late, only to witness their only way off the planet quickly disappear.


    The cleft of skin, once damp, warm and dark, now was a living hell for the colony only the one remained deep in the innermost crease. For all fungus fear the onset of summer..and shorts.


    Something happend in CITY-R706.

    The revolutionary government of the UDSSUSA could only send out a few troops to find out what, since there are more important things to clear right now.

    ferak seg

    "Because in faith is the salvation of the hopeless. Please, murciful God, give to your abandoned people the strenght to follow the path you have drawn for them. Even in defeat, even in destruction, we will stand to serve" sermon of Father Cyprian - Church on the mountain - 23rd century.


    The survivors of the Zahara colony could only guess what catastrophe stuck throuhout the Atlantian kingdom. The colony's last scholar theorized it was a worldwide event. Huddled in makeshift camps, many simply wondered, where was the ocean that once spread as far as the eye could see? Others wondered when Atlantis would send help. They are still wondering today...

    Idiot Apathy

    When their colony had been declared unprofitable and the planet unsuitable for resource excavation, all the others had left- three men stayed behind. These three men had were all involved in an accident during their shifts in the excavation site. During their recovery each had experienced lucid dreams that they could not ignore, these dreams were powerful enough to keep these men from leaving the planet.

    The dreams called them to the excavation site. Prior to the colonies exodus, strange formations in the rockface were discovered. The colony fathers had decided that these were mere abnormalities, caused by an indigenous beetle. Yet, although in abundance these beetles were actually quite small and did not seem capable of the large formations these men had seen.

    As the men made their way to the ruins, they noticed that all around them small flowers sprung up in their footsteps. When they were sufficent enough distance away these flowers seemed to disappear. The men were unnerved and couldn't help but feel that someone, something knew they were there...

    Sketch Book
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    Sarcasm sometimes grips me like an octopus helmet.
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    Nuclear got it. Very good angle and composition.
    Tyranx, Funkytown, rawwad, speculart, ferag seg, Idiot Apathy: nice works!


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    Voted for Nuclear. Great painting man!
    But the description kind of sux xD

    Also cool entries from: Tyranx (even if almost little too abstract as far as I´m concerned), Funky, Rawwad, Ferak Seg (but these people brushes are weird imho ^^° ) and Idiot Apathy(I like the brushwork here)

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    v - Nuclear

    Whoa.. the first soldier's youthful facial features didn't appeal to me, but this was by far the best image. It's good to see you back and thriving in business. Private message me anytime.

    My site:


    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week
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    v Rawwad

    I like the design of the building. you know it's not a rock, but it looks like the design was inspired by rocks piled up...

    Also, i could almost see the aurora shimmering.

    great work from everybody!

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