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    Talking To all Equestrians: Horses need more respect in this world.

    Hello. sorry if this is a little off topic. but i havent been able to sleep due to these thoughts that ive been having. horses in this society are beaten senselessly by "show people" and trainers that believe horses are objects and not individuals. my own trainer and a friend of mine constantly tell me to beat the horse while its just nodding to correct its vision. thats disgustingly sick. people need to learn to respect their bonded's and friends [ animals = infinite bond for me ]. they will get respect back from the gorgeous animal. i dont know about you guys but ive seen some pretty tough "training". and it was not pretty. PETA should be looking at this much more. the way horses are tamed//treated @ boarding places, show rings, etc. anyone. have the same opinion//argument as i do? training has become abusive these days. what happened to the native american traditions of taming horses? people come on. live in harmony with someone thats been here longer than you!

    *tramples off to bed irritated*
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    frankly, I find the situation with horses in America to be atrocious. Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to find a a restaraunt that can cook delicious horse meat? They're NOWHERE to be found. Im tired of chickens and cows already!

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    I know of several places readily available that cook horse. McDonalds and Taco Bell just to name a few.

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    hahaha aesir... The old lady who owns the paddock where I work horses has eaten horse meat...said it was delicious :p

    Honestly Odayga, after hearing your harping about how fantastic and beautiful horses are this really pisses me off. YOU are exactly the kind of air headed teenage girl that causes most of the suffering that horses in western countries have to endure. You fucking go on and on about horses until your mummy or daddy buys you one, then as soon as you figure out that owning and being totally responsible for the life of a large animal isn't all rainbows and butterflies, the horse gets ditched in a paddock and starves. I've seen and heard this happen so many times before, and it just makes me sick to my stomach to hear your fucking high and mighty ideals and morals about horses.

    And what the fuck are you talking about horses being 'beaten senselessly' by trainers? The most a show trainer would ask you to do would be to tap your horse with a whip, as a supplement to the leg aid. At most you would give a horse a smack with a whip if it's misbehaving, and unless you have some kind of insane maniac trainer, that hardly constitutes senseless beating. Honestly, if you think your riding teacher is being abusive, go around to some other riding schools and ask what they think of his or her methods. You might have gotten a bad teacher, it happens, but really it sounds like you are being way overzealous with your horse loving.

    Unfortunately horses aren't trained by some magical bond between owner and horse, there is alot of training and hard work involved. If you seriously think this sort of thing that is a part of showing or dressage, which it sounds like you are involved in, is unnacceptable, then maybe you should spend some more money on all this natural horsemanship merchandise that is so popular lately.

    And I'm not saying that there aren't people that don't hit their horse when riding. People can be ignorant or inexperienced or just not know how to deal with their horse any other way. But until you get your own horse, shut the fuck up and do what your riding teacher tells you. He or she is ALOT more experienced that you and your childish ideas of everyone but you loving horses are just moronic. One day you will get a horse that isn't suitable and realise that sometimes no matter how much you love it, it will still buck you off without a second thought if you can't handle it. Life doesn't imitate the Saddle Club, unfortunately, believing in the power of your dreams isn't going to save your neck when you find yourself on an out of control horse.

    And where did the native american techniques of horse breaking go? You can take courses in natural horsemanship, but I hope you have ALOT of extra cash lying around because it ain't cheap. The fact is America was settled by Europeans and hence the european way of training horses is dominant there. European riding styles have been been around alot longer than Native American riding, and contrary to popular belief aren't based on brutalising the horse. The German and Spanish riding schools turn out some of the best trained horses in the world and never 'senselessly beat' their animals. They do, however, use whips to aid in training.

    A bigger problem riding wise than the use of whips inappropriately is the use of 'corrective devices' like draw reins to lower the horses head, and ignorant riders forcing a horse into a cramped outline with the idea of collection (it comes from behind!). Also an inexperienced riding jumping and bouncing around on a horses back and jabbing at it's mouth is going to cause more trouble for it than a smack with a whip will. I have no idea what you mean about the horse adjusting it's vision, it sounds like you have as little idea about horses as you have common sense.

    So in conclusion of a long and very ranty post, STFU and listen to your riding teacher, or you are going to end up as one of those people who hits their horse with a whip and lets it go hungry for want of actually learning to ride and care for it properly when you had the chance.

    Oh and this is an art forum, how about you actually post some art once in a while?
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    You know what my favourite italian cold cut is?
    Coppa di cavallo.



    I'm with war as usual, you are an ignorant peon that needs to go back to school before covering herself even deeper in ridicule.
    I guess you'll get canned pretty soon since you seem to be immune to the pleas of mods and admins alike.

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    Please, Odayga, this is getting ridiculous.


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