I've figured out the meaning of life and what people trick you into thinking it is.
Many philosopher's believe the meaning of life is what the majority think it is and that is to earn money and raise a family. But! alot of people haven't done any research on the matter like me. I've talked to and met people and heard what they think the meaning is and they all think it is to earn money and raise a family. I've concluded that, that is what people have been told to think by employers, schools and any sort of institution so that people don't figure the real meaning out and so that people devote themselves to working hard for that employer or school and paying taxes and not going off seeking the real answers that only a select few are suppose to know about. 8)

The real answer to life has something to do with art and breaking the trend to go off and do your own thing away from life and not be part of the rat race. It's that simple and it's not that far away either.pld:

-Mullet. A man of integrity.

EDIT: This is not an opinion, this ideal has a cult like following in some areas.