Respected Incharges,

I am Architect Dhilip kumar anon working as an Senior Lighting artist/Junior Art
director /virtual set design director at Digital juice animations Inc,USA
I am looking for job in art positions (concept artist\environment designer\)
also willing to relocate any were

My skill sets.

Concept art
Vehicle design
Environment design
property design
Lighting & texturing.
to know more about me and my works
kindly review my online portfolio

If thing get thick please mail me at


Dhilip kumar
Some of the i made for some clients as freelance artist

HI to see more of my
scribblllllllllllllll visit

this my first painting in painter

study for of some props

This image tutorial was made in 30mins without using tablet
Hope this might be usefull
ready to clarify any questions anytime

my portfolio