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Thread: Following Up?

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    Following Up?

    Hey all! I haven't been around here for a while, but I just got an email from the head of an amateur RPG development team in Hungary looking for an artist. I assume they found my art website and are interested in my work. I can't really tell if it's a paying job, but as a college Freshman I'm more interested in experience (working to develop a client's concept, etc) than compensation.

    However, I'd like to do this right. What kinds of questions should I be asking? (Website? Number of pieces? Size of pieces? Medium? Concept background?) And even if I do end up doing this pro bono, is there anything I should be doing to protect my work? Seeing as I'm totally new to this sort of freelance work, any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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    Whenever I get one of these emails, I generally ask to see examples of their work FIRST (website, sample files, other projects they've done, other artists they've got working for them, etc), or I'll go google 'em, to see what kind of "company" I'm dealing with. Also important is whether it's paying or not, what market they're going for, what work they need from me and what their time frame is.

    If they're looking for free work, I have to ask myself--is the project going to be fun? Am I going to like working with the others on the team? Will it challenge me and give me good portfolio pieces? If I'm uninspired by the job and not getting paid, then the farther down it's going to be on my list of things to do and that's no good for anyone.

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    the main problem with these type of Pro Bono startups is becasue they are not investined in it finacialy there is less incentive to stick it out and have a finalized product. you may end up working your ass of an not have anything to show for youself, making your claim on your resume of having worked for so and so look like filler. your main objective, i think, would be to find out how devoted these people are to what they are doing.

    one of the things you will most likely experience is the feeling of getting screwed. but that type of experience is a good thing, especially for a freshman. I don't mean to sound negative, but you will have to eat some shit in the run up to professionalism. getting it out of the way now would probably benefit you in the future. and if you are put in this type of situation, the main thing you will learn from it, is weather you have what it takes to deal with whatever is thrown your way.

    i say, if you have the time for it, go for it. Just don't have any over inflated preconceptions as this being your big break.

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