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    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    Be brave... with style.
    Non Spanish Toreador

    once again - a great round.
    hopefully the feedback during the process will continue to grow.
    Ideas are here and we are creating nice worlds and identities... nothing left to do to fulfill the last week but to...

    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador
    Pawel Kowalowski - is Polish Toreador who started his career in Barcelona in 2081, where he bacame modern toreador. He act in famous tauromachy show which was very popular all the world over. It was very moder and expensive fun, because Spanish government forbid killing bulls, then the organizators use modern technology. Show became like hi-tech ballet with robotic bulls in beautiful future stadium. At that time was Pawel young and act only as emergency man, which helped to real "star" , to Spanish toreador Francisco Lopez. Pawel was very talented toreador and acrobat, then it wasn´t surprise when he bacame star of tauromachy show after Francisco Lopez death (he was murdered). Many people said that Pawel was born to bacame Bull-fightning star. His shows were awesome and very dynamic with many acrobatics elements.

    Here is Pawel in his special acrobatic suit, which include jumping boots for better acrobatic tricks. Also he has special glove with red light temptation for eletronic bulls (it represent old traditional red flag), which control calculator at his leg and with this has contact with bull. Last important thing is traditioal sword for killing bulls.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    The Year is 2026 and after a long brutal war the forces of P.E.T.A have finally been destroyed. The world is again free to to use and abuse animals as they please without fear of prosecution or discrimination. Thus the legacy of the Toreador becomes a world sports phenomenon and soon after an Olympic event. Representing the Americans... Brock Samson Jr. geared with his Nike Cowboy Boots. Assless Chaps, and Bowie Knife "cause swords are for sissies".


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador
    masai toreador
    -he worked as a guide for foriegn big game hunters traveling in africa. he maintains traditional masai garb, adorned with trophies of previous hunts. he mainly kills wildabeests, watusi, and other large bulls of africa. the combination of his brightly colored attire and his game of choice earned him the nickname, the toreador, by spanish hunters he was guiding through the bush. he was later brought to spain to fight bulls professionally.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador
    Xenodian Bullfighter

    In one of our scout missions to some of the garden planets we made some time ago ( around lunch yesterday), we inspected the third garden from one of those small solar system appointed to us. We found that those pseudo-apes with termite syndrome were doing fine, creating all kind of strange and sometimes idiotic rituals.

    The ones we liked were of cource the ones who had to do with public entertainment, such as the one with the giant felines and goofy wheely things. So, sometime before lunch we checked again someplace else, they did some little porgress, but putting people in funny outfits inside a ring was still the favorite ritual, specialy if there was blood involved ( this guys love blood). But this time it was with bulls...and the outfits were even funnier.

    Anyways, we thought it was a brilliant idea and we stole it. It was hard enough to find people of our own to put themselves in danger while wearing something ththat would take all their dignity, I mean rodeo clowns are at least trying to be funny, and they have barrels and stuff. So we desided to take people from a planet we use to breed stupid muscle soldiers with iron skin......But the idea didn´t worked out with normal bulls from that third planet, so we looked in the archives for even bigger bull-like creatures and we were lucky to find this really massive and brutal bulls that not only ram you, they also stomp you with their massive head.

    The idea was a success of cource, the ratings were up in that show and we retired from our crappy abducting job.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    Sand Toreador

    With acrobatic prowess, Kitte Hio kills desert-dwelling Lyyks for sport. Relying solely on her agillity she needs to be as light as possible to out-maneuvre these giant beasts, which are baited by her tattered red cape. From a distance this resembles the feathers of the Madden Lyre, which only exist on the planet Corpus. This is a preferred food source for Lyyks, and consequently Corpus has become a common hunting ground for Sand Toreadors.

    The fete itself is generally quite spectacular, and crowds follow the action from Observer Shuttles at high altitude. Because an open fighting ground is used the Toreador must be wary of attracting multiple Lyyks, and Scout troops standby at all times to evacuate the fighter when things get risky.

    So far Kitte is the only Sand Toreador to have survived against 2 Lyyks simultaneously.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador
    As a teenager, Devyn Millbarn visited Spain at least a dozen times with her parents.
    Not once did she think she'd be in her idols' place as a real Toreador herself. She
    is now a sex symbol -- an icon to all women -- posing for many magazines and always
    keeping a busy schedule.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    Diederik is a no holds barred cage fighter from Germany.
    Unlike a lot of his opponents he doesn't rely on grappling, but has concentrated his skills on kicking and evasion.
    His first nickname "the Bullfighter" came from him always fighting opponents that were bigger than him.
    He adopted this, and added bullfighting poses and the "muleta"
    (the red cape used when the traditional matador performs the "tercio de muerte" and kills the bull) to his game, using the "muleta" to conceal his techniques
    and adding more flare to his performance, thus earning himself his new nickname "the Toreador".

    Diedrik is of course a favourite with the crowd, and feared amongst his opponents, much like a traditional toreador."


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    The sport of bull shark fighting is very popular in the aggressive race of the marlinians.They are an aquatic race, a cross of human and sailfish features.Males usually grow an impressive blue crest on their back, to help them swim at terrible speed.The have primitive but efficient culture, and their only natural enemy are the Giant Bull Sharks of Kahli (their native planet).When they manage to capture one, they usually enclose the shark in a coral reef, where youngs and more experienced males fight agains the shark/s to prove their courage and swimming ability.They usually first attract the sharks attention with their back-sail, swimming back and forth, then when the shark is badly wounded they kill him with harpoons or their rostrum.The number of shark's teeth necklaces is a diplay of power in males of the marlinian race.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    This guy is one mean bull killing machine. He was born in a
    village in mexico where he was soon chased away for being
    "the devils child" after his mother could not hide him anymore
    after he sucked dry a couple of goats and becoming part of
    the folklore. When the local sheriff heard rumours about the
    devils child which would be a perfect asset for his underground
    bullfights. So they went to the villages to try and persuade
    the villagers to help them capture him, but fearing the wrath
    of the devil the villagers did not help out. Still money is stronger then
    faith and soon the devils child could be taken prisoner. After
    training with the best mexico had to offer in bullfighting he
    slowly outgrew fighting bulls. And throughout his years growing
    up he became one of the main attraction of the underground
    bullfighting scene where he, instead of fighting bulls, he fights
    humans(prisoners from the sheriffs police department and
    people that could not pay there debt) in big massacre fights,
    where people would bet on thebody count made by the devils
    child. Because the creature could not talk (except for ARGHHHH
    GRRRRRRRR but you can't call your monster that ofcourse) and
    his real name was never discovered, so his name became Hoofs.
    Also the religious betters don't have to sin (more) by betting on
    the devils child.


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    Arctic toreador, living in the frost bitten wastlelands, his duties are simple, protect the tribe. His job is as simple as that, fending off all manner of creatures, namely the enormous snow bull, who has a history of trampling villages.

    Sorry, not enough time for a thurough story.
    A little sloppy this week, but all the same I'd really appreciate any critiques I can get...i need to learn to paint like you


    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador

    History of Subutai (Mongol) Toreadors[/CENTER]

    After the death of Ogedei Khan in December of 1241, Commaneder Subutai refused orders to return to the capital in the east to be present in the debates concerning the election of the new emperor. Instead he decided to maintain & execute his plans on conquering Germania, Hispania and the rest of Europe. Commander Batu returned to the east to the meetings, but left the majority of his armies under Subutai's command. Just 2 years later, most of Europe was under total Mongol control. After learning about the feat, Batu Khan awareded Subutai the title of "Prince of the West". In spite of initial uncertainties, Subutai turned out to be a charismatic and fair ruler, unlike many of europe's former leaders. He delighted in every culture, religions and customs the west offered, and marveled at the wonderous regions that were now part of the Great Mongolia. As years passed, he turned from battles to traveling and discovering the new territories. Never the less, his thirst for military & honest joyful battle had to be quenched in some way. Thus, upong his travelings in the Asturias region of Hispania, he discovered the ancient tradition of bullfighting, and immediatly felt recognized with it. Contrary to the local beliefs, Subutai sustained that in order to prove a man's valor, he must demonstrate single-handlely his wits & superiority over the bull. The Hispania tradition involved the help of other participants who softened the bull in the transcourse of the ceremony. To prove his purpose, Subutai entered the ring with cape, bow, arrows and "estocada" in hand. After a long and tenous battle, and despite his age and a severe arm wound caused by a successful goring attempt by the bull, Subutai managed to kill the proud animal. Afterwards, he then dedicated the remaining six years of his life in the perfection and promotion of his version of this ancient tradition, which came to be known as "Subutai Bullfighting".

    Subutai Bullfighting is reserved for the best warriors of the Great Mongolia, with no differences put out between peoples or cultures. They must have proven a lifetime of dedication to the empire. The beasts selected come from the wild Khan Tumen Reserve in southern Hispania, and have no more than a week of capture to ensure their ferociousness and nature. To kill or be killed in the ring is considered the ultimate honor & many men train their entire lives focused on being able to prove themselves in this event against nature itself.


    - i missed one entry - no ideea why it didn't loaded when i have made the poll.

    Anyway - here it is.

    CHOW #31 - VOTING - Non Spanish Toreador
    The last hope of humankind - Toreadors

    By 2145 almost all pet animals are extinct because of various viruses and radiation in the air. Only because of some random genetic mutation bulls and cows became suitable pet animals - and after being intergrated into pet animals - they evolved in few years to become humanoidish, intteligent and aggressive againts humans.

    The bull revolution took the war weakened humankind by surprise and soon overcame all major resistances. Now they control the cities and enslave and breed humans as their food.

    One of the last guerilla organisations is the Toreadors, the former elite EU platoon, which now fights with it's last gas bombs and swords to free as many human slaves as possible, and get them into underground shelters.

    They fight only with their swords, striking when they are least expected like assassins. They kill without mercy to ensure that every human has beef for dinner.
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