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    Fishspawn's Journey

    Update 3/5/09
    Working hard to get into the games industry! Busy with tons of work and school and side projects as well, just spending more time on art than the forums these days. I still love feedback on my work, so if you have anything to say I'll definitely get back to you. For newer work go to page 34

    Update 2/15/08

    Ok, so I've been AWOL lately. I've been relying on school for most of my art output lately, but i need to get back to my goal for this sketchbook. Gotta keep pushing myself to improve! So I'm going to start the speedpaint thing, daily. Let's see how this goes.

    Update 8/15/07

    Whoo! Moved in to my appartment and classes start monday. I've been feeling the urge to draw more and more over the last month so even though i havent been posting, i've been getting ready to draw a lot again. I'm planning on going back to my roots and posting everyday no matter what. Also planning to be much more active in other peoples' books I thank you all for the wake-up call and advice, i'm going to be putting as much effort as i can into everything this semester and drawing as much as possible. Keep me going!

    Update 3/26/07

    I was not accepted into CalArts, so i will definitely be attending Laguna College of Art and Design this fall in the animation program - glad to not have to make that choice I'm currently focusing a lot on reworking my use of media, especially pencil, and learning watercolor. I think I'm also going to shift a little more towards animals and vehicles for a while. Still trying to learn how to "finish" things as well, i usually prefer gestural work and quick sketches to detail stuff, but i'm trying to find a balance.

    Update 9/30/06

    Okay, it's now about 3 weeks from portfolio day where i can test my metal against 20+ colleges in one day, so i've gotta build a rock awesome portfolio. Thats where you guys step in.

    I'd really appriciate it if you would post your 1-3 favorite things from this thread and let me know what you think should be in my portfolio and why. My parents and I, along with a friend/teacher are going to be deciding on what to put in, but i'd like some input from the CA community as well.

    So tell me what you like! Within a week or two i'll post my portfolio and then let you know how portfolio day was.

    Update 9/23/06

    Alright, i have been kind of relaxing with regards to art lately, mainly just my figure drawings and a little bit of PS doodling. This has got to change. My motto when i really "started" my life as an artist one year ago was "back to the basics". I was going to work my way up from ground zero and become the best. I've come a long way since then, but i've lost sight of my goal. So now, here, i'm going back to the basics again. Every day i will do either a SP, still life, or life figure study and post it here. Only traditional media, the wacom is going to get some rest.

    If i don't keep it going EVERY day, i want harassment, lots of it.

    Update 8/23/06
    I'm a senior in high school at last I am currently enrolled in basic life drawing at a community college and i'm in crunch time for portfolio day in October at Laguna College of Art and Design where i will test my metal with all of the colleges i'm looking at. Critique is essential and adored here in my lair.

    I've moved the images from this post to my 2nd for editing purposes
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