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    Worst of CA

    Anyone ever cruise through the sections looking for locked threads purely for entertainment's sake? It's better than reading a book while eating. I mean no offense to the creator's of any thread, I just find these attitudes mind boggling and would like to share them with the people who never seem to leave the lounge....

    Insect Battle

    Final Fate

    My 3 newest Mixed media images

    This seems like a good way to get myself hated....but I needed some way to point out the rash of newly locked threads, and the creator's will go unnamed as they become legends in their own right.

    EDIT by emily g:
    Off-topic posts will be deleted. Here's a little reminder of what belongs in this thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Elwell View Post
    What qualifies someone for Worst of CA isn't the work, but the attitude. Posting crappy work won't get you here, but posting crappy work and then going all "suck it, it's my STYYYYYYYLE" when critiqued will. Posting something copied/traced/painted over/filtered won't get you here, but doing so while saying "here is my awesome absolutely original work that I worked on for 100 hours using Maya, Photoshop, and After Effects" will. It's not doing something stupid, it's the ridiculous denial when called out that's so entertaining.

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