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    A Big Ol' Apology to EVERYONE on CA

    Hello everyone:
    Ive Finally realised that my "cockyness" and "arograntness" has led me to a very bad "position" on this site. ive also realised that ive almost ruined my reputation as an artist on CA. This is not DA, ive realized that CA doesnt let things just "slip" by or they dont go easy on everyone. ive finally put my "cockyness and arrogantness " to the side, away from CA, away from everyone else. off the net. and in the real world. ill keep it all to myself. i am also very sorry to all of the Administrators//Moderators for having to constantly lock threads and deal with my very annoying attitude ( from the past. ive decided to finally change and get over it ). the trolling, self glorifying posts have stopped. now i work on "good posts" like complimenting work and helping the person improve on his/her piece of art ( thats how i am in person ). i dont know why i was so cocky when i first got on here. i guess im just going through alot of stress and have been taking it out on everyone out here ( which has come to a stop ). just give me another chance to really shine. all you mods all you people. will see major improvement, when i show my full potential. and now i have to go because im being booted off the computer.


    Talent and Creativity are yours to use and keep

    [S K E T C H B O O K]

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    we need a

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    Thank you for your apology. The way you act from now on will show us how sincere you are about changing.
    I am locking this thread because I know you do not want to draw any more attention to yourself.


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