Damn it sure has been awhile since I posted. I had an urge to make a new sketchbook, I need a place to get feedback and just play around, which I haven't done at all lately. I also want to get more focused in my efforts, So I thought I would place a list of goals at the beginning of the thread, don't read it if you don't want to, it's really just to try to keep myself on track and improve, and remind myself of what I need to get accomplished:

Thoroughly learn and apply perspective and constuctive drawing <biggest problem with draftmanship>
Remember to have fun when drawing, and balance serious studies with work done for personal enjoyment
Train memory <major goal>
Complete more finished works, i.e, pieces with thought put into composition and conception and brought to a fuller realization than sketches
Continue studies from life, drawing and painting, and studying compositions and painting techniques of masters.
Learn to draw people WEARING CLOTHES. I have almost no knowledge of clothing and costume and this is something I must work on.

I guess I could go on and on with all that, maybe I'll make the rest of the list somewhere else. Here are some things I've done recently: