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    WWII German soldier

    I am really into WWII history so I decided to do this peice. Besides not being quite finished I feel the face needs to be more defined but I'm not quite sure how to take it to the next level. Anyways please be honest.

    WWII German soldier

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    his eyes are a bit off, the black center of the eye (dont know the word for it) in the eye to the left is all off u need to center it. as for the shadowing try not using so much black in your shading, instead a darker tone of your color

    oh and btw.. u SO didnt paint that emblem uself i bet u stole it

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    Honest Crits:
    I know you asked for crits on his face but the helmet does not look right either. Google WWII helmets Nazi helmets etc and pay attention to porportion, materials and shapes which should help make your one more realistic. Right now it seems too short, wide, and flat. The emblem is not in perspective either.

    As was mentioned before using straight black is bad it makes organic forms look dead and flat. Try to define your planes in the face more, get rid of the outlines and use value to show form. Think of the eyes as spheres and wrap the skin around them, I think you are getting too into the detail without analyzing the whole face and working in sweeps. Also I would suggest if you want to work digitally, try working up your values in grayscale first, if it works there, the colors won't matter as much. On a possitive note, I think he looks like an evil nazi, there is something very unsettling about him. Keep at it.

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