Omiqron Movie Project (Cg collaboration project)
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Thread: Omiqron Movie Project (Cg collaboration project)

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    Omiqron Movie Project (Cg collaboration project)



    here goes with a small project description first

    Introduction :

    The Omiqron project is a project I've been working on for 2 years already and recently decided to turn into a collaboration project. We are a team of 30 people at the moment doing our best to realise something worthy to watch.

    About the project :

    We're trying to realise a full-length movie (~1h30) everything done in CG.
    The story is set in a huge metropolis where we find a "huge lab". After a war of several years between vampires and humans who tried to live together calm is coming back to the city of Omiqron but with the lab being build some weird things started to happen. The destiny of the humans is in the hands of the vampires, and that of the vampires in the hands of humans. Will they manage?

    website :

    The "Official" Website :

    our team :

    right now we're 40 people working on this project going from concept through 3d through animation all the way to post production and we kinda hope release aswell . we got people from all over the world working on this and it is getting bigger and bigger

    At the moment we're working on a small trailer of a couple of minutes to see how things go, get the team together and see how everything turns out regarding quality, collab and especially public reaction (which is growing everyday with 250 visits a day on the website (which we're rebuilding )

    well that is enough talk I think hehe lets move on to the more interesting part the pictures (there is a mix of 2d and 3d work hope that is ok )

    2D work first :

    main work done by Laurentiu Butuc and Cyril Ciro Mihanovic

    lets move on to the 3d

    work done by James Astley, Sylvain Bouland and Paul Larkin

    some city work

    some character work

    and a small start of rigging (made by me)

    swat "regular"

    this is of course just a small selection of all the work done by the 40 people on the project

    hope you like it comments would be great


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