i havent been here in a while. :p

anyway, this one day i was really bored so i started doodling and i made a hamburger with pointy teeth and a giant fork. a couple weeks later i thought about that and made a more elaborate drawing of it. thus came the Burger King:
The Burger King
original drawing with ballpoint pen and colored in photoshop with a wacom tablet.

i also had a chance to write a poem about it in english class.

The Reign of the Burger King

Alas they emerged from the fast-food joint
bloated, full of fat.
When suddenly a foot came down
and stepped on them, going "SPLAT!"

Many ran in terror
from this hulking, horrid thing.
The could not begin to contemplate
the reign of the Burger King.

Overweight children tried to run,
but went unrewarded for their work
for the king had impaled them thoroughly
with his king-sized plastic fork.

His roar was a sound like cinder blocks
being crushed by jagged steel,
with deafening tones and booming bass
it would make the squeamish keel.

His teeth they were a-gnashing.
His eyes they did shine bright.
He trampled around from town to town
eating everything in sight.

Soon he came to Mickey-D's.
which made his features frown
He looked down and there before him
stood that Ronald Clown.

The King he grinned a toothy grin
and Ronald shed a tear
As his bones collapsed from a roar
that the entire world could hear.

The clown, now a pile of meat,
was all disgusting on the floor.
And the Burger King, he left the land,
to be witnessed nevermore.

after writing the poem it occured to me that i could make something like a "children's" book out of this- if not then just a series of drawings. :p

crits would be nice. be gentle though, im still new.