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Thread: my Self portait

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    my Self portait

    Last edited by yoshimitstu; June 8th, 2006 at 05:43 PM.
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    Red face

    its a beautiful portrait.. but could u decrease the size..ITS WAY WAY TO BIG

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    Not bad mate, even tho the lines outlining the mouth
    flaten the face, the eyes are misaligned, left eye is higher
    and they look a bit flat, it would seen that you are
    in part only coping spots of value with out fully understanding
    why does this or that tone goes in some areas.
    Overall its got a nice felling, but you still need to work on
    structure and anatomy of the face.

    Oh and go I have a 18 inches monitor and your imagen
    does not fit as a whole on it, its important that we can see the whole
    thing in one screen look to judge proportions, posting it bigger will not
    get you more posts, if ever it migth turn off potencial ones

    Keep posting your stuff man!!

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    hmm... looking the the mirror drawing is kinda harder than i thought it would be

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    make it smaller!!! haha. i think im working on a 17 inch flat panel and it wont fit... Does look like a good start though. maybe i will attempt one of these soon. i agree. drawing in he mirror is hard. especially something you are very familiar with, like your face. you can easily tell if something is off but its not always easy to find what.

    - I think it's official... I am the world's slowest painter
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    Well, Yoshimitstu... Since you commented on mine I should comment on yours too. Definately too big! Scale it down. Anyways, The shading is getting there. You should look at this as a form not as a person. You should draw and shade only light covering the form not a face that you think of in your head. "The real subject, after all, is light. What we really observe and draw is the effect of light as it falls across forms."Sanden. Shade everything like a three dimensional object no matter what it is. You should make it seem like you could actually touch the person that you are depicting. Also, you should really make the eyes more round and realistic. They should have reflected and catch lights to make them more real.

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    looking in the mirror and drawing yourself is hard you try it,

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