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    Stahr's SB | Self learning course | please move this to scetchbooks section

    hello everybody
    Finally, summer seems to arrive and my maya course has ended, and why not start a scetchbook at I've been lurking here too much, so now i've decided to be more visible here on the forums.
    and why the name? stahr?. I've been changing my nick quite often recent years, but now i'm taking my mother's surname and shortening it one letter, i might take her surname as my surname, but i'm not shure yet. The surname of my mother is Stahre, swedish for staling btw. but I think i'm done with chaging nicknames now and this might be the one i stick to in the future.

    And who am I then?

    I should drop some information about myself here maybe, I'm 22 now, I have a grade from art education and also been at an education called digital media. Now i'm trying to find education that really gives me what i want, i haven't been satisfied with my current educations really.
    I've started doing comissions this year, which is really fun, and i think i'm learning a lot on them. my primary goal is to work with concept/enviroment/illustration

    Self learning course?
    Soon I'm going to start a course for myself (sounds a bit strange yeah?), self learning course. Right now i'm trying to find material, got some but I suppose I need a lot more in the end.
    so if anybody got any advices, please tell me!
    What i'm going to be teaching myself is mostly on theese subjects:
    anatomy (i know that this is my weakest part, that's what i think at least), scetching (getting up a good flow in my work), composition, trying different color schemes and ways to paint (trying to find what suits me).
    that's preliminary what's on the schedule.

    First week

    i just started scetching from "nature" a bit this week, doing some walking around the island i live on, trying to find interesting sets.

    06.06.04 - monday

    the wind is brisk and there's some clouds on the sky, but quite good anyway for my first scetch day.
    Walked to a verry small beach, nothing around the area that would interrupt my scetching = great place!
    I had some problems starting up, as i haven't been scetching in nature for a long while.

    ink pen and promarkers grey tones.

    06.06.05 - tuesday

    tried another place this day, much warmer weather and not so windy.
    this was at a little bigger beach/bay, i sat on some rock, pair of meters up from ground level, looking out at the bay.
    it was easier this day to get started, did some more pictures this time.

    blue pen and pencils about 3B, view at the reed, sand and the mountain further away.

    Tried to find something else than just... reed, reed, and reed, and maybe some sand and water, and cliffs, they get quite boring after some staring at them. this was further up the shore a bit form the road. tried to establish forms.

    fast scetch of my mom, who also went scetching with me (she's an artist also) ink pen.

    Did a study of where the sand met the grass. Ink pen.

    06.06.05 - wednesday

    really good weather today, going back to the place i was on the monday walk, trying to get some new angles at the set.
    dipped my toes in the water also, quite cold.. bbrrr, not season for bathing yet.

    a wall and a bridge behind it. ink pen as usual.

    panorama of the bridges and houses on my left side. ink pen...

    another one...

    and yes, i got some problems scannign my a3 sketchpad, maybe i get some shots of it later.
    and further on i'm going to post each day in one post, it's jus tthe inital one that get's a lot space.

    BTW? is there anybody who knows if some moderator can change your nick?

    SO, let the Stahr's SB begin!

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