This is acrylic on cheap-o-matic canvas board. Definitely work in progress, I just figure I might get a little compositional feedback on the piece.

The Figure: Needs lots of work, my current study time is spent with my nose buried in anatomy and figure studies, so I've left it alone; for now.

The background: Screams Mucha at the top of its lungs, imitating my betters is my way to learn

The white space: on the lower right is going to be filled with a bouquet of flowers with a card, the general 'action' of the piece is the young lasses pondering upon who on earth could have sent her such flowers, lah ti dah...

I'm worried that it is right handedly heavy?? and lost as how to compensate for that at the moment....I'm also thinking that the values around the girls head need to be dropped a lot, they are very strong...

Anyway, enough of my blithering.. the picture already

ps. sorry about the scanner artifact/line... I'll do the digital camera next time (no batteries atm >.<)