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    I like cartooning, but in Photoshop the lines I draw with the paintbrush are often jagged and lumpy. Is there a feature I can turn on to smooth the lines as I draw them like the "Ink" or "Smooth" feature in Flash? The 'smoothing' option in the brush palette isn't what I'm talking about.

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    All I can suggest is using a tablet to allow for better control of the brush. If you want you can use the pen tool and stroke its "path". Its kinda complicated and time intensive so I sadly won't really get into it as I don't really fully understand it. I find myself just going over the lines with the tablet's writing edge and its erasor bit until the line becomes smotth and consistent. It takes time and all is all I can suggest.
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    Flash is vector based, Photoshop is a pixel based software!

    You cannot compare this!

    If you draw a line in PS you can only see it right, if you see all pixels, means at 100%, but drawing at 100% is hard, so if you zoom out, you can't get the right handle of the lines, you will see them always scawly and getting control will need to exercise. Remember it's an all new media you use, first time you draw on paper was also really hard!?

    But if you like to, you can also get very clean line, by using the path tool.
    You can draw/make a path and ill it with a color, that will be absolutely smooth, and you can resize the path to any size, it is vector data!

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    dunno if this is any help, or just insulting as its kinda noobish... in the brush dynamics panel, check the smoothing option

    just in case thats your problem. it had me for a while when i got into PS
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