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    Lightbulb Best of CA

    I thought about this last night, while trying to get to sleep.
    I think that the "Best of CA" section doesn't get the attention it deserves. When new users and guests visit the forums, we want them to be able to easily access the best of the best of what this forum and community produces.
    Right now the Best of CA forum is a little too in-active, and having threads copied means it can get confusing, posting in one thread doesn't update the other. Also I don't think enough stuff is moved there, there are a lot of great great threads with awesome work that stays in the Finally Finished forum when it deserves to be in the Best of CA.

    Here's what I think we could do:
    + Move the Best of CA forum up to the very top of the forum list. with the Finally Finished section underneath.
    + Every time a thread in the Finally Finished forum deserves to be put into the Best of CA, an admin or mod moves it (not a copy).
    + When an admin or mod moves the thread, they post a simple comment with something like, "Moved to the Best of CA forum.", just so some newer members don't get confused.
    + The Best of CA forum should be locked. What I mean by locked is that no one can post new threads in the forum (except maybe admins) but can post in threads that have been moved. (It may be like that already)
    + Admins and mods can still move stuff from the Finally Finished forum that should be in the Critique section, but having the Best of CA forum more active means that peoples work that is not quiet at a professional level can still post (as long as it's finished and of a certain quality) in the Finally Finished section.
    + Having threads moved to the Best of CA forum instead of being just copied means that there won't be any confusion or duplicates of threads.
    + The only thing I can think of that would be bad with this idea is that the Finally Finished section would be full of "- Moved" signs all over the place. One thing you could do is maybe make a small graphic or something to post next to threads that get moved to the Best of CA section, to avoid confusion.

    So, what do you guys think. I think it's a great way to show off what the best of this community can produce, without making the forums elite. And would be a great compliment to any artist posting work in the Finished section.

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    If you look at the number of threads in the best of ca section, then compare it with the views, it is a higher percent of views on the best of ca section if you compare it with the finally finished.
    I think it's fine as it is now, the Best of ca is there to preserve good threads so if you want to find good art, you can go there.
    And as it isn't updated as often as the finally finished section, it would be "weird" to put it at the top, as people would probaly just get anxious if they are waiting for new artwork to get into the Best oc ca section.

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    That's proactive thinking. I was hoping that when 3.0 is all finished the best of CA thumbnails on the frontpage would be updated also, if there will be any there.

    EDIT - Everyone is clearing out everything but the best stuff but thier portfolios for the workshop, Jason and the team are fixing the bugs on the site, it feels like spring cleaning around here
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    yes, its a pretty good idea. Also, it'd be cool to see some of the post with image showing again. Most of the thread are just empty...
    But that's just me ^^.

    Edit: profil got a good point. Let's see what the admin think about it.

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    I am not sure but with all the new community stuff that is to come it could be that the 'best of' section gets changed. IIRC then there were some preview pictures of the layout sometime ago. And it looked like there will be a section with features artists or somehting like that.

    I am not sure but it will probably be a bit like the old, old CA where like were posted to some galleries. Thigs like the 'best of' threads could be a 'features artist' section that is not as quiet as it is now. Just copying a thread there doesn't present it to people who have missed it or who don't visit the FF section or who don't visit CA daily. That way anyone who does miss these threads can see them later.

    For comparison take a look at the top best of naviation thingy that cgtalk has. It could be something like that. A best of feed for the main page in addition to the news feed.

    I think something like that will be done at some point to make it easier for new people to jump in and see but it's all just speculation from my side.

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