Summer is approaching very fast! :whoa:
That means that I wont have anything to do...but art . Unfortunately, Im not able to take any art classes Id like to in school because im stuck in "Experiencing Art 1", where basically all we do is paste colored paper to more colored paper for 45 min. So basically, I really know nothing about traditional art AT ALL, and have no clue where to start.

Im looking for some classes I can take this summer, or just something to do in order to practice 2d art in all forms with some help. Unfortunately, all the classes in my area are VERY expensive! I live close enough to take the train to NYC, but I know nothing about NYC and I wouldnt know where to start to look for classes (or how to find them in that big bad grid ).

I know this is a very broad question, but if anyone has any suggestions as to summer activites to "broaden my horizons" art-wise, that would be very helpful.

:ep:Thanks a bundle :fish: