Well, I'm having a problem now and I hope someone can help. I wanted to buy an Intuos 3 6x8 for quite some time now and I would have ordered it within the next 2 weeks. But now I have been offered an used Cintiq 15x for 400€, which is about 100€ more than the Intuos would cost. Now I am torn between them. So I searched for and read every thread that mentioned a cintiq, but unfortunately my questions weren't answered. So I am sorry for starting another one of that Wacom threads.

One thing I am concerned is that I don't know the exact age of the Cintiq, so it could be up to 5 years old. Has someone experience with an cintiq of that age? Could there be serious problems with the screen surface, the screen itself and will a pen of this age need a replacement? Is the USB cable the same as a printer USB cable, as it looks much like one?

And the other thing is that the 15x is an, well, lets say "old product". The Intuos 3 is more advanced, but, on the other hand, it's just a tablet. What would be your decision if you had to make it, and why?

So, basically my question is: What should I get? The old Cintiq 15x or a new Intous 3 6x8? Thanks for any answers.