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    Textures 101 [query]

    I love how much depth textures add to images. And I'm wondering if thats done with brushes (my best guess) or layers (likely combined with brushes). I'd love some insight into where I might start applying brushes and if there are any brushes that are recommended for usual application. I also know that a lot of you create your own brushes. But that also opens up questions about what sort of brushes work best as certain textures. How can you tweak an existing brush to fit a wide variety of textures.

    A lot of indeph questioning, but it'd be great to learn more.

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    id like to 2nd this post as it is quite important to the out come of quality works. texturing is a good technique to have and itd be nice if someone can teach us something about it, or answer some of the above questions at least.

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    A couple of good sources that come to mind are, and the relatively new magazine called ImagineFX (

    Sparth's site has a couple of step-by-step pages in the gallery, and he is one of the artists who use textures and really produce kick ass work. As far as the brushes, there is an infinite amount of brushes to create, and probably a million ways to use them. Play with all of the tools in Photoshop, not just the actual paintbrush tool. The clone tool, eraser, and blend tools are all great when they are used correctly, or at the right time. That magazine ImagineFX is only on like the 4th or 5th issue. Every mag comes with a CD that is loaded with things like textures and brushes, as well as all the tutorial files you need to follow the articles in the issue. I highly recommend it, the latest issue features BaronTieri, Brom, and Mike Corriero who posts regularly here on CA. One of the issues (I forget which one) had a whole section which explained creating custom brushes.

    One other good source of info is that Don Seegmiller book. I forget the name, it is called something like Digital Character Design and Painting. It also comes with a CD that has textures and brushes, and the book is packed with awesome information. Go buy it, buy it now! Hope I was at all helpful.

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    Hey there, This is Mr. Corriero's explination :

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    thanks for the link Mr-Joe, man that was awesome.

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    GOd, I just learned how to texture! woot!

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