Hey guys. I've been studying with Jacob Collins for the past two and a half years at the Water Street Atelier. For the past six months or so he's been working with his peers to start a new school for classical training. Along with principal instructors Michael Grimaldi, Kate Lehman, and Dan Thompson, Jacob Collins will be opening the Grand Central Academy of Art in midtown Manhattan in September 2006. The school's three year core program will focus on drawing and painting from life, beginning with cast drawing and progressing to figure drawing and figure painting. Patrick Connors, John DeMartin, Frank Porcu, and others, will teach workshops and night classes on perspective, still life, anatomy, landscape, etc. No more than 15 students will be accepted for this first term, applications are due this summer, and tuition will be $750/month ($3750/semester). Please see the GCA's new website for more information.

The Grand Central Academy of Art