Last Man Standing 2: Round 1
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    Last Man Standing 2: Round 1

    Official Last Man Standing Website: Round 1

    271 contenders over 4 rounds. 396 new pieces of artwork. 1 winner. And not one 1-on-1 battle.

    The event will be ran as it was last time; each of the pairings for each battle in a round are chosen completely at random. Whoever receives the most votes per battle from an ever-rotating judging panel of the industry's best advances to the next round. I plan on moving this Last Man Standing along faster than the last one, so be prepared.

    Round breakdown:

    Round I: 271 initial contenders in 3 (one 4) man battles
    Round II: 90 contenders in 3 man battles
    Round III: 30 contenders in 6 man battles
    Final Round IV: 5 contenders, one winner.


    Welcome to the Beginning of the End
    You can take this in any direction you want. Keep in mind that the goal of the competition is to create a full-fledged illustration every round, so you'll be judged on your technique, concept, designs, and narrative.

    The official deadline stands at 11:59pm PST Sunday, July 9th, 2006.

    Every contestant will be responsible for hosting their own image. You will be required to submit a link to your image to my email at in the yourname_round_TD.jpg format, with the title of your email yourname's entry. Please try your best to follow the format here, it saves me an assload of work. No WIPs are to be posted before the deadline. If you send me an image attached to your email instead of just the link to your hosted image, it doesn't go up.

    Size: Keep your images large enough so that the detail is preserved, but do your best to keep the file size down (Photoshop's Save for Web function can help quite a bit).

    Pussing Out:
    Awww, the pressures of the thunderdome too much for you? Tough shit. You drop out without fair warning (and fair warning is at least 3 weeks from the due date), you will have the honor of gracing my official "I pussed out of the Thunderdome and all I got was public humiliation" page. This also goes for not submitting something for the showdown.

    You new home, should you choose to accept it.

    Irene Gallo
    N8 Van Dyke

    It's officially on. Again.

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