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    yAdam's Portfolio review

    Name: Adam Clark
    Age: 22

    Ok, I decided to go ahead and make a review thread finally. I have been meaning to do it for ages now, but every time I got enough images together I just wasnít happy with them. Even though I may be unsure about some of these I canít keep putting it off as Iíll always be doing better work than the previous week or month, so I thought now would be as good a time as any. I graduated last year and got a BA in computer animation. Iíve been drawing for years, but didnít think about concept art until I got referred to the site from one of my tutors at the end of 2004. Even though I got told about CA at the end of 2004 it wasnít until about September last year that I got actively involved.

    My goal is to be a concept artist and just to continually improve. I hope I can get back into 3D stuff again at some point too.

    Thanks for any feedback!

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review

    yAdam's Portfolio review
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    Red face

    Nice stuff bro,
    Like your environments alot. They seem more than adequete. Just keep it up. The figure of the man with the kinda poofy costume on, yeah that one, well his legs seem a bit long to me in the colored piece, then again i could be wrong. They do look more accurate in the life drawing though...
    really like the submarine after the the figure pics.
    Take a look at Vincent Difates work, the man is a living legend. Aswell as John Berkey. You could definitley appreciate what those two giants do with space ships and futuristic vehicles.
    The beast at the bottom, minor crit, the foot closest to us, his front left foot, dosn't feel like its really on the ground. It kinda gives off the feel that its barely touching the ground....
    nice stuff nonetheless

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    Hey, one thing i noticed that could help a little is something about your average color palette. Somehow your yellows get very muddy in most pieces, making some kind of "mustard" color. Maybe tweeking the color balance a bit would help to put a extra something to each one of your pieces.

    Love your enviroments by the way, number 2 is quite impresive .

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