These three images were done as part of an independent study in digital imaging here at USM. I wanted to create a series of images that reflected on the theme of violence and how we perceive it. I used this project as an opportunity to really experiment with stuff that I should be more accustom to but, unfortunately, am not. The figure and dynamic gesture were a main challenge here as they're both elements that I'd consider myself a little week on. Because of this, I think it'll be a little while before you see another monster out of me. I think it shows how harmful doing too much of one thing for any extended period of time can be.

Anyway, attending a fairly "modern minded" fine arts program doesn't really give me the chance to receive any considered, aesthetically minded, technical feedback as it does here at so I'm interested to here what people think.

This first image was done fairly quickly as I wanted the important elements within it to retain a certain looseness. I wanted something that looked a bit like a classic Spaghetti Western movie poster.

This piece is another relatively quick one where I really just wanted to comment on corporate handling of the media. Iím probably impressed with this one the least out of all of them.

And finally, a piece where I really tried to push a lot of difficult elements such as dynamic lighting, dynamic gesture and stable composition. I looked a lot at italian renaissance paintings and wanted to suggest subtle reference to the equestrian victory statue and typical renaissance paintings where multiple figures were contorted in a tangle of limbs and interconnecting forms. I sort of wanted the modern translation of the medieval melee.