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    Red face Photoshop 7 0r 6

    Hi ,I am wanting to buy a photoshop just to digitaly colour my pictures and am new to computer art so what photoshop would be best for me Does Photoshop 7 have any needed features or would it be just as good to go for the cheaper photoshop 6? Thanks!

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    Please learn to delimit your sentences.

    Major changes (From wikipedia):

    6.0 Mac OS, Windows Venus in Furs September 2000

    * Updated User Interface
    * Healing Brush
    * "Liquify" filter

    6.0.1 Mac OS, Windows March 2001

    * Memory usage improvements
    * Paintbrush picker usability enhancements
    * Clipping path save/export bug fixes


    7.0 Mac OS/Mac OS X, Windows Liquid Sky March 2002

    * Made text fully vector
    * Healing Brush
    * New painting engine

    7.0.1 Mac OS/Mac OS X, Windows August 2002 Camera RAW 1.x (optional plugin)


    CS (8.0) Mac OS X, Windows Dark Matter October 2003

    * Camera RAW 2.x
    * Highly modified "Slice Tool"
    * Shadow/Highlight Command
    * Match Colour command
    * "Lens blur" filter
    * Real-Time Histogram
    * Detection and refusal to print scanned images of various banknotes
    * Macrovision copy protection based on Safecast DRM technology


    CS2 (9.0) Mac OS X, Windows Space Monkey April 2005

    * Camera RAW 3.x
    * "Smart Objects"
    * Image Warp
    * Spot healing brush
    * Red-Eye tool
    * Lens Correction filter
    * Smart Sharpen
    * Vanishing Point
    * Better memory management on 64-bit PowerPC G5 Macintosh machines running Mac OS X 10.4
    * High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) support
    * Scripting support for JavaScript and other languages


    I don't know where you're planning on acquiring these legacy versions of photoshop from but I can tell you that PS7 is quite a solid app and the painting engine can do somewhat more than that of 6.

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    Get the most recent version your system can handle and that you can afford. I wouldn't go earlier than 7 because of the updated brush engine.

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    Thanks for the advise!

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    Do you know a place to buy PS7 (or an upgrade to PS7)? I want to upgrade from my old 5.5 but CS2 would most likely be too much for my laptop to handle, and the new features don't sound worth the trouble.
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    PS 7 is fine imo... there's nothing much I do in CS2 that I couldn't do in 7
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    Smile Photoshop 7 or 6

    Hi Clintmilne,
    Its nice for me to share my opinion with you.

    The Adobe Photoshop’s 7 toolbar button is convenient than Photoshop 6 . The Photoshop 7 added to new tools know as "Healing Brush" and "Patch Tool". I shortly illustrate bellow the Photoshop 7 features.

    Features Inside the Photoshop’s 7:

    The Smooth Healing Brush Tool:
    The healing brush tool lets you correct photo’s color adjustments accurately. The main significance of healing brush tool is it basically copy not only from source pixel’s color but also take nearest matching texture, shadow effects to the destination pixel as well. As a result, the images color match cleanly and also remove problems such as facial blemishes is very notable. Another advantage of using healing brush tool is there is no trials require to fix photo just as it required in compare to the clone tool.

    The Patch tool:
    The patch tool lets you renovate a particular pixels from one pattern to another one. You may use the patch tool for wiping out an isolated areas of an image. You can make all kinds of effects with the Patch tool now. Just select the patch tool, select the areas and there is pattern option available, choose your pattern and select “use pattern”. Done..

    Using The Crop Tool in Photoshop 7:
    The new crop tool is much more enhanced compare to old Photoshop 6. The most easy tool I ever experience in Photoshop 7. The great thing about this tool, you just select the areas you want to delete then press “enter”. Almost identical action when you compare to the slicing tool. What the crop tool does is it selects the whole internal path of your image and the outer path area will be omitted and more interestingly, the sharpen curved edges outline around the image is what I excited!! But in Photoshop 6 version, I notice the the lesser crisp vector line is generated. I recommend you to use this cropping tool compare to pen tool when you need easy and more fast image editing work. In Photoshop 7, some popular crop tool applications are image resizing, clipping path(normally used for simple clipping), image rotation, photo straighten and image transformation etc.

    The Comparison of Turnaround Time Between Photoshop 7.0 and Photoshop 6.0:

    Photoshop 7 run faster when you create alpha channel. This execution time you see specially when you apply some filter option like artistic effects, sketching or generating video option on the difficult or complex photographs.

    Lighter Version:

    Photoshop(R) 7.0 loading time is slightly fast then Photoshop(R) 6.0.

    Auto Color Option:
    Improved auto color levels, contrast etc.

    Multi Tasking:
    You can concurrently work with big graphics files, zooming, rasterizing many objects in Photoshop 7.

    Digital File Browser for Photographers:
    In file browser, you can rearrange your arts photo and tagging photos with different names you wish.

    Choose Separate Customized Workspaces:
    In Photoshop 7, you can work with different desktop. For example one desktop for retouching and another may open dealing with logo design.

    Better Printing Packages:

    You can easily print multiple paper with preview option any format you choose whether landscape or portrait.

    Expect Almost Everything What The New Brush tool Can Do:
    The brush tool is amazing!!! You can set tons of style(drop shadow, natural, Paintbrush over 45 pixels multiply) to choose, add as many special effects as you wish look like you can paint anything from your imagination!!!

    Some Recommendation:
    I strongly recommend you to buy Photoshop 7 . You may cost little more but the quality in Photoshop 7 has so much to work with, got popularity and widely use in many photo masking sector.

    Adobe Photoshop 7 cost you around $609 full version.

    Reply me which one you will buy….

    Best wishes.

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