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    Dr3w Guest

    help with first SP

    ive had a wacom for a while but only really used it for texturing up to now, but today my girlfriend abandoned me for the day and i was bored,

    SO i drew my self-well tried to

    help with first SP

    i really dont know the best way to start a digital painting, like brush type, or even tool- paintbrush or air brush etc.

    any tips would be very welcome aswell as crits

    ps- i use photoshop 6

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    Hey.. VERY nice start.
    First - try to read all the demo posts around - Andrew, Coro, JASON, everyone.
    Then get painter
    For the next one try to watch a little more. Watch proportions, and try to understand form - try a low poly approach - try an outline SP.
    If you want to get to the value start with bigger brushes and then go to small ones. Draw black on white first!
    Hope it helps. Let's see the next one
    Keep it up!


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    Dr3w Guest
    thankyou fo rthe tips

    is painter MUCH beatter/ easier for digital art than photoshop?

    will post my next attempt once i have done it

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    yeah it seems as though your eyes can catch a lot of shapes and stuff. great for a first SP i like painter a lot more than photoshop. but i'm not doi'n photomanipulation so...., there ya go:p. honestly, it's a paint program so, you get a crap load of painting options. it probably all boils down to personal preference. you OWE it to yourself to try it though. but be can be a little intimidating at first.

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    Dr3w Guest
    i downloaded the trial of painter 7 from the main site- jesus christ u are right about there being a FEW options!

    there are soooooo many tools- brushes to choose from and then there are so many settings for each of these! and even paper type

    Im gonna have to play for a while

    should post another Sp soon- with painter

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    great first SP! these days i'm practicing by making SPs too

    I got some great help from the people on mainly keyth and oblio .. so listen to what the tell u

    I found that after getting basic values, shapes, proportions right.. the most important thing is practice...

    Each time you can usually see improvements.

    so.. i hope to see more of your work here

    cya around

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    Dr3w Guest
    not a new sp yet- just been playing with painter

    Found the Just add water tool-wowow
    and went over my original sketch

    What a difference

    cant wait to do a whole new one

    help with first SP

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