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Thread: Am i too late?

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    Unhappy Am i too late?

    Hi guys my name is josh and all the work on this site has stunned me, ive been in the art scene fairly short now but more of the techy stuff like stuff you would see on But what i really enjoy is painting pieces that are "deep" but the problem is i suck at it. I know this might sound like a really stupid question, but i am 16 years old. I really want to get better but should i have started painting/drawing at a earlier age? I know it would have helped alot. But i guess all i need is practice. So im the new guy here... HI!


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    Its never too late to start.
    Just practice and do your work and youll get good.

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    If you enjoy it, do it! alot of people don't even get serious about this stuff 'till well after the age you are now. So your fine.


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    16 isn't too late at all.
    Most people aren't serious when they're 16. Most people just sit there and copy pictures out of comic books until they're in college. heh.
    If you want to get serious, don't just sit there and draw (what most people do: ) anime. Or whatever style. Draw from life a lot... get anatomy book, pose in front of the mirror and draw yourself. fun stuff.
    it sounds boring, but it'll put you way above other people your age.
    or just do whatever you want to do. just saying, 16 isn't too late.

    oh yeah, just to let you know, from what I heard, Van Gogh didn't even start painting until he was 30. Not sure if that's true or not.
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    Well if you're too late there's no hope for me!

    Seriously though, I messed up at college and spent a long time doing work I didn't want to do till I went back to Uni at the tender age of 28, and now I have a lot of skills I didn't have before and am in a job I love. It takes a lotta practice, and everyone learns as they go on, heck I'm better now than I was this time last year.

    Keep at it and it'll all come good, trust me..

    All the best

    " a world of Gods and Monsters..."

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