I'm doing a research project in school (8th grade) about concept artists (video games in particular), and I'm having a lot of trouble finding information. So, since a lot of concept artists are here, obviously, I figured someone might be able to help, and I came up with some questions. Please, post if you can give me the answers, or any other good information!

1. Who do concept artists work with?
2. How much direction do they get (do they get fully formed characters/places/whatever, vague ideas, or somewhere in between)?
3. Do most concept artists work or commission or have full-time jobs?
4. For those with full-time jobs, what kinds of places do they work?
5. How much to concept artists make, on average?
6. I know this one is really vague, but... How do they create the charaters/places/et cetera (Steps and such)?

Thanks you in advance, and I'm really sorry if this shouldn't be on this board, but I couldn't imagine where else to post it. ^^;;