Sorry for the lack up updates... Life hits hard, Holidays doubly so.

I got a few moments to sketch...mostly nothing worthwhile came of it, wish I had more time to render the eyes and left shoulder (viewer right), but have to be getting back to other things .

Reference: Domai
Process: Digital: Started with breaking it down into simple shapes...and just repeatedly breaking them (did every break visually, which wouldn't have been possible physically - woulda worn out the paper and probably had some 'hard to remove' marks - but wanted to force myself not to skip steps, I can do it mentally later)

As far as the value ranges...mainly I blame it on my scanner (and lack of experience with 'photo editing' - I've only used digital for well....making pictures not editing them - so levels aren't high on my list of experience)... with some fiddling I've gotten it fairly close to what it looks like irl (at least on my monitor, which isn't calibrated atm - that's another story though)... I actually tend to use 4B, 6B, and Ebony pencils (hardest lead I use is 2B in .5mm and .7mm pencils, I don't like the H leads) - my 4B/6B are 2mm leads, my ebony is a wooden pencil (probably 2mm too).


Close to Actual:

If memory serves I did the dog's head with a 6B.

Anywho, thanks for the comments - sorry for not being more reliable on this, In my free time I plan to try and work on faces/heads some more - since they're currently my biggest problem area imo .