Looking for a penciler to complete three issues of a monthly title Fragile Night. Looking for a very clean animation illustrated style. Like Batman Animated. Dark and moody is a plus. Nice Fluid progression on panels on a page and be able to Pencil what is written in the script.

Displayed below are three test pages.


Panel 1

Panel Description – SD – A horizontal panel. Cain sits in the shadows. He’s wearing a thick turtleneck sweater, jeans and sunglasses. The sunglasses do not have the arms on them. He sits in the shadows of the sidewalk- type café drinking a cup of coffee, away from the curbside. People of all ages surround him. Some are locals, others are those who have been shopping and are eating meals. It’s nothing more than a small sidewalk café. Cars are parked on the boulevard by the sidewalk. A small, portable wrought iron fence separates the pedestrians from the patrons. Its past mid-day, strong shadows are everywhere.

Narrator 1
It’s a beautiful day. The sky is clear; birds are chirping. Nearby children sing an old tune for days past.

Narrator 2
A cheerful tune from a depressing time.

Panel 2

Panel Description – SD – Rotate the angle so that we can see the street and Cain begins to move toward the foreground. In the distance two sedans of some model are approaching. A bus is there as well. People are going to and fro.

Narrator 3
A coping mechanism that cloaked the ugly truth into a delightful verse of whimsy….so successful it still survives into this era.

Child’s Script 1
“Ring around the rosie,”

Narrator 4
The blood blisters emerged, like a bush of roses…..

Childs Script 2
“A pocket full of posies,”

Narrator 5
The blisters discolor, looking like bruises as they swell, darkening, turning black as the blood dies…….

Panel 3

Panel Description – SD - Two cars are closer, the back seat windows and passenger side windows are open slightly. The figures within are shadowy, but definitely human. People continue to go to and fro. Cain has his cup to his mouth, sipping the coffee, oblivious to it all.

Panel 4

Panel Description – MCU – of Cain as he turns to look toward the street. Nearby, a waitress or waiter caries a plate of some sandwich specialty.

Childs Script 3

Narrator 6
The pain is great from the joints on through; a fever breaks out along with bouts of dizziness, nausea, and dysentery, even hallucinations.

Narrator 7
It’s been so long, though the diseases all blur together in a sick morass of jumbled memories.

Panel 5

Panel Description – SD – The cars pull up in tandem, guns emerge from the windows. A shotgun, a couple of Tecs. Everyone is oblivious to it all. The waiter/waitress bends over to set the plate on Cain’s table. Cain smiles as he gazes at the sandwich. The waiter/waitress smiles back.

Child’s Script

Narrator 8
Immortality has a way of doing that. Everyone wants to live forever, but it’s impossible to remember everything. What once seemed important often disappears in a century or so, with nothing to bring it back.

Narrator 9
While other things, no matter how hard I try, are never erased. The horror comes back vividly.


Panel 1

Panel Description – Splash Page – The café and street are sprayed with gunfire. Bodies are hit, jerk, fall, and dive for cover. Glass shatters as the window to the café is hit. Plates, cups, silverware, purses, fly into the air, some are hit and shattered. The waiter/waitress serving Cain is hit, drops the plate as the bullets fly through her. Cain shows no reaction as he is hit. The cup he is holding is shattered. People are crying, and screaming while the car drives by.

Sub – Make smaller panels throughout this page of the actions happen. Example – Man’s back is arched back as he is hit by a bullet in the back..arms are outreached. Man leaning over a dead girls body holding her looking up in the air with his mouth wide open. Close-up views of things. Small panel of the guns coming out of the windows, small panel of the car driving off still spraying the area with bullets.

Child’s Script 1
“….we all….fall…downnn.”


Panel 1

Panel Description – Cain looks at his hand, dripping with coffee but no blood. The waiter/waitress has fallen by his feet. People all around are on the ground. One or two are standing, bleeding. Another is kneeling over a victim, attempting to give aid. Cain’s hands almost look like liquid.

Narrator 1
The Black Death was very efficient in raising a level of fear. People killed each other out of suspicion. Infants were seen as possessed. Diseased were killed on sight by people who had once been good people.

Panel 2

Panel Description – Cain kneels, checks the pulse of the waiter/waitress.

Narrator 2
People thought the end of the world was at hand. I suppose in many respects, to them it was. Complete lineages vanished from the face of the earth in a manner of days. Nobles couldn’t buy their salvation, but they tried.

Panel 3

Panel Description – Cain rolls the body of the waiter/waitress over so that it is face up. The body isn’t overly bloody, but there is a hole through the head and profuse bleeding, from the chest and trachea area.

Narrator 3
Poor people prayed with all they could: their souls, their toil, their sweat and their animals. Some turned to older religions while others turned away.

Panel 4

Panel Description - SD - Cain places his finger on the eyes of the waiter/waitress and closes the eyes of the dead waiter/waitress. He seems to show no emotion. There is the sign of the cross in blood on the waiter/waitress forehead. Made by Cain’s thumb.

Panel 5

Panel Description –Cain stands, steps over the waiter/waitress and deeper into the shadows around him.

Cain 1
I have no power to bless, but may God judge you fairly.

Narrator 1
In the end, history and civilization proved simple hygiene would eradicate the problem. A clean society had no breeding area for the rats, which bore the fleas carrying the virus. No fleas, no flea bites to infect the populace.

Narrator 2
A very simple solution to what seemed an apocalyptic problem. A theme that seemed to repeat itself throughout history.

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