Its not a question mark its an exclamation, Im a lion spirit, this title could also be "When Lions Feed" but I spare that to some very impressive male sexiness, when the lions feed there is always enough leftovers for the scavangers....

Here is how far I was able to do with this image:

Unfortunately I dont have the original oilpainting anymore, so we just have to work on this "half assed" watercolour painting

I did this image like this (I think around year 2004?)

Here she is flipped, things are looking wrong :-[

The image in Photoshop using the free transform tool Ctrl+T or in Edit panel, when the image is appearing the triangle that its available for skewing I press Ctrl while moving only one corner and the other corners wont follow, try for yourself to know what I mean if this was not so clear

Time to flip back and see the difference, I want to compare it with the original unflipped one

I then start to play with values as you can see Im not very good at it, but "heck" Im still learning, wish some handsome talented sweetheart darling puppy could come and help me :-*

Continue paintover and added frames and changed the white background colour to more natural

Now anybody feels like speaking in tongues for me ?