Hi all,

we have just founded our IndieGame Studio and started work
on our first title.

We all work odd job's on the side to pay the rent, but realise that we
can not expect that from others. So we will all put in som extra "hours
at the mill" and starve our fat children for a day or two, so we can
pay for some nice Concept Art.

But since we have no clue on the unwritten rules of the business, we
thought we might ask here.

So here it goes:

1.) What's the general estimated price for pencil sketches ?
2.) What's the general copyright practice ? (sketches are part of the game IP)
3.) What are the most usual expectations ? (we wanna play fair)
4.) How to be taken seriouse - without being BigCorp.inc ?

Looking forward to your input !

/Thomas F

Leading Codemonkey