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    moody figures - intuition vs logic

    I've been doing some quick color studies to better understand how color effects mood...
    moody figures - intuition vs logic moody figures - intuition vs logic

    I've studied color theory but when I start drawing all that goes out the window and I just seem to do what feels right. I know I should be more logical in my application of color but this approach is definitely more entertaining... though the end product probably suffers because my color choices are being made very randomly. Any suggestions on how to better approach color?

    This is an issue I've been struggling with for years... do I trust my intuition to lead me in the right direction or do I take the more logical and predictable approach?

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    lets see

    well lets see if the mood you saw -or- was trying to communicate was recieved by one of your viewers. i will try to tell you the best explaination of the mood i recieve from your peice:

    because the subject is of a nude, i always have a mood or idea that is close to sexual in some way. and being that i said that .. even more so.
    the first i have a warm comfort feel to the room and a judging stare. i get a certain feel of lust (is that a .. guy!? anyway forget this) - i think the warm feel comes from the bright red
    - feels soft - and the shine of the skin. its dark eyes and the refracted light on the subject's face give it a mysterious radience.
    the one below that is rather confusing. i feel myself all over the place when i try to pick a mood, what returns to my mind the most is an uncomfort .. i am sure the color is playing a part in that some how. the closest i can explain what i see is a type of frusteration or cloud of thought from a comfortable stare.
    the middle piece doesnt look in the mood (hah!). it gives me a crabby, sick feel - an ill and passive hostility. i feel bothersome, or that i am bothering the subect - "with my presents" the putrid green color does it i think.
    the right and final study, the subject looks powerful - but at rest. the subject looks happy, warm, and lively.

    hope that was worth your while.
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    mermuse Guest
    Thanks Killing.people,

    That was very helpful. Usually when I'm drawing the figure I don't really know what emotion I'm going for... I just draw what I feel at the time. I've always wondered if this was just laziness but your descriptions are very accurate, for the most part they describe what I was seeing and feeling.

    There is something about the second one (green/yellow figure on blue/red background) that I both love and hate. The model was beautifully posed and completely relaxed, I captured that in the quick linework, but as I added color I became really agitated and frustrated because it was turning to mud so quickly and I think that frustration is very apparent. I like the contrast between the restful and relaxed pose with the very agitated color... its almost like you are seeing her inner turmoil or something? Or maybe I'm just trying to justify the muddy colors...

    thanks again

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    let me tell you first: these are all true and very wonderful works of art! i wish i could do things half as good as these.

    i know very well what you're struggling with.
    i know where to find skintones in the color wheel and i know how to vary them to make different types.
    but when i see a painting done by for example prometheus|anj (i see this very strong in anj's paintings), i see true, luminous skin and not skintone.
    i look closer and i see blotches, real ugly hardedged blotches of color i never dared to work with when trying to create skin or whatever.
    there is a blotch of baby-blue in a brownish rusty metal part, there is next to pure red in one or two parts of the skin, next to blotches of muddy greenish brown.
    okay... i'm going off-topic

    what i see, color-wise, in your studies is:

    first one (top):
    very warm colors, very smooth finish. no scribbly shading that mixes color through some kind of rasterizing/hatching but true, soft color transitions. this makes for a very warm and soft feeling.
    i imagine touching this person will give sense of life: warmth (nah... not gay ) and softnes.

    pic below:
    this one looks the most disturbing to me. those yellow tones don't seem to give me any information about anything that could be conveyed by the pose. it looks a bit dismembered. i don't know why but i think of an ill feeling, pain in the stomach or something like that when seeing this picture. something not working together properly. also, the bright red inmidst the yellowish shading contrasts this.

    blueish pic:
    this is the total opposite of the first one: the colors scream for coldness, the edges appear more harsh and the pose doesn't look as relaxed as the first model's.
    for me, this results in a person that doesn't feel healthy when i touch. accpording to the colors, this person feels cold and more "bone-y". there is an erotic aspect of cold colors, too but in this one, i think the cold- and harshness is too evident to give a pleasant feeling.

    last pic:
    it's warm colors again but they aren't so much glowing as in the first one.
    surely, this person does feel warm but i'm not sure if it is this kind of living armth that one feels as a striking feeling (like touching someone's shirt loosely when passing and feeling the life of this person although one didn't even touch the body at all)
    the unsmooth rendering gives me personally the feel of "not-so-youthful-smooth skin". this painting feels like she had her best years. (no offense, just poor english - i don't know how to exactly tell what i want to say)

    i hope this lousy feedback helps you at least a bit
    please show more of those sketches you occasionally posted (jazzbars and such). they totally rock!

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