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Thread: Mr.Delicious loves art. (Full on Body Contact)

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    Thats why I never managed to learn russian.......18 times.....of course....
    amazing stuff, as usual, good inspiration for this poor fella'
    "when the way is hard
    the hard ones stay on the way"



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    QETALIVAN: haha, thank you

    lilnebo: no problem, and be your own life coach! that was what I was hoping people would get outta what I was talking about. Youre the only one who can decide when its time to stop wasting time and get to following what you want! always remember that, you'll never just wake up one day with everything you want. Up to you!

    algenpfleger: no problem, hope to see some serious postssss soon!

    heres a character I started and will finish before tonight

    Mr.Delicious loves art. (Full on Body Contact)
    'If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems.And that's a big mistake.' - Step by Steps, Videos, PSD Downloads, and tons of other crap
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    Daaaamn nice! Ah! I should be drawing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Delicious View Post
    Hey man, I'll answer your question even though I don't got an update just yet... Just wanna get it out while I'm thinking about it.

    alright... heres my talk on MOTIVATION.

    To me motivation is inspiration which comes and goes in most people. I like to get all pumped up and ready to do all my work. What motivates me is seeing all the people around me really pushing to become great and making believe I live in some sort of Vision Quest type movie...

    This is the way I see it:

    first off, what we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. Everything youre afraid to do or you put off just becomes mental baggage and really pulls you down. So when I say dedication instead of motivation I mean that you really have to push to get all that stuff done. No matter what it might be, if its holding you down you have to really just pull it together and finish it. For instance, if you can't draw hands, draw hands(which is what I'm workin on ). period. Or anything really for that matter. A good way I've found is to limit everything I do to a few hours. Like I wake up at 7am, I have to have all my studies done in my sketchbook by 9am and then have my digitals done by 11am. This forces you to not be lazy and not browse the internet or whatever it is you do to fill time. After this I usually limit work times in general to make sure I'm really pushing myself. Thats not to say you can't go out and do things later, just that youll actually get more done in general and have more time on top of that.

    Basically it all depends on you, youre the only one who can make you work hard. I try to keep in mind that tomorrow becomes never and if I keep putting anything off it will just never happen. Everything has to be started and done this instance or it will never get done. Just trying to think of how serious life is and how we're all gonna die in any number of years is somethin that pushes me too. Each minute that passes you by you could be learnin something new or accomplishing something you've always wanted to do. The only real thing that has to happen is you acting on it. So when I push the other dudes on the forum I really just want to see them getting everything they want outta life. We all have goals and we can all reach them easily.

    Something to really avoid though would be comfort zones. These can kill your drive and motivation. I always try to avoid feeling comfortable with whatever it is I'm doing. If I have too much money and think I am alright just taking the same old jobs I'll spend money to force myself to get off my ass and work harder. If somebody tells me my work is awesome the way it is then I'll go and send my work to a professional I like and ask for critiques. Anything to keep from being a lazy asshole. To me its all about breaking the ego and never stop looking up at what you could be.

    I know this all sounds cheesy and whatever but its all true. We're all just dudes, hardly anybody started out golden or just amazing off the bat. Everybody you look up to has already gone through what you're going through and the only thing that changed them was really just sitting down and workin at it. We can all be great in our own respects but we all have to work at our core drawing skills first and we have to pull ourselves together and start pushing for everything we want.

    and one last thing... Don't go easy on yourself! Never settle for anything and always set unrealistic goals worth reaching! Everybody thinks theres a huge race to be the best and never try because they say theres too much competition. But in reality theres a huge group of people thinking the same thing and they only settle for mediocre jobs or whatever it may be. So theres actually more competition for shit jobs than for the best.

    moral of the story: Work hard, stay focused, and pull yourself together! Define what you want and go take it!

    Just so you know, that did not sound cheesy.

    Actually if that whole quote could sound like something it would sound like smacking somebody in the face with a 2x4, that was made out of honesty, that had rusty nails of wisdom driven at its end.
    "The two pillars of 'Political Correctness' are:
    a)Willingful Ignorance
    b)A steadfast refusal to face the truth" -unknown-

    "There may be no thing such as a "Fairtax," honestly all taxes suck and there's nothing fair about being taxed for working hard. But if were going to be taxed might as well have a system in place that is far better for the people being taxed. This is the fairtax" -CorePoint
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    you're really putting the time in on your anatomy studies of late, great to see such dedication, you will go far sir, and from what you've posted here, you've definitely taken more than a coupla steps in the right direction.

    great work

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    That post of yours about stop being a b*tch was great. Most artists think and analyze alot its good to see it surfacing in the sketchbooks(as long as there is art to go with it!) Thanks for taking the time to show your perspective on what we deal with.
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    love your work man!

    great idea doing studies of boxers. might have to do some of that myself! love love
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You should update your 'looking for work' thread.. cause I check it out quite often *since you always bump it : P* and some of the stuff in there isn't up to par with your SKetchbook-new-crazy stuff!

and when the hell did you get this good ? I remember posting a few comments late 2007 and .. sure you were pretty good by then.. but now you're mindblowing dude! I'm gonna take the time and go through the whole book..! Will definitely be worth it :]]

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    Just out of curiosity... where did you learn drawing and anatomy? Did you take classes or did you learn mostly from books? I'm just wondering because I'm looking to improve my own anatomy and I need ideas on how I should go about it. It's hard for me to find time to draw with it being my senior year in high school and all... a lot of college preparations and whatnot.
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    Good thing corepoint quoted your post about dedication or I would never have found it. Very inspiring words.

    WASP is great. I listen to a lot of metal, mostly the heavier kind though, like Pantera etc. Music helps a lot to create images within your head, especially songs like Painkiller from Judas Priest.

    Awesome work on the fighters. The colors are delicious (no pun intended...seriously.)
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    #1900, looking great but look at the mouth his lips are way below the nose, I don't know if you want crits at all but this is mine just to you, move mouth up a notch and I read your post it is way inspirational to all of us. Thanks, K
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    Your shit sucks, mine is way better...
    sujak nx
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    Yup, still love your work. Keep 'em coming!

    ...I don't really know...

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