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    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    I'm looking to go into 3d animation and everyone seems to be talking about Ringling. What about other colleges? How do others stack up to Ringling?

    I was talking to my friend who is into more traditional art and he said that art institute of chicago was like one of the top art colleges in the country.

    HAs anyone gone there??? Does anyone know how this school stacks up to Ringling?

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    I've heard great things about Chicago Art Institute (trad media wise). It's definitely a reputable school - and it's in a great city. The one major critisism I've heard about the school is that they give out very little financial aid and scholarship.
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    get ready to paint with your out for the human glitter man too.



    its been a while since i heard anything about the school...from what i understood in my big search of schools and visits to the schools it seems to be a place with the resources one would need to do a lot of art.

    you will not at any point find a better 3d animation program than the one ringling is running in their Computer Animation dept.

    i had two friends...and an ex go to SAIC...all were very very fine artsy in the modern art sense. if you are wanting an open program...than thats probably a decent place. SAIC is the school where that art student shot himself on stage in some sort of fit of self expression. It was..last I heard...a very open minded environment...which does have its plusses. Personally though..if you are wanting an art career in 3D animation Id go to ringling before anywhere else.

    Perhaps there are some great things going on in chicago...there is a decent art market there..and even a few game companies...some tv stuff there is work there...and its a fun town. ringling does not have the urban does have a nice quiet town to paint in.

    visit both schools and decide for yourself. dont throw down all that cash without visiting.

    no way i would deal with that nasty winter in Illinois...Id much rather be out painting landscapes near the gulf of mexico once snow is falling in chi town.

    I recently moved to boston and I had forgotten how much winter is nasty nasty nasty.



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    One question Jason. Isn't Cal arts supposed to be like one of the best in 3D animation? Don't they specialize in it?

    I'm not a 3D animator what so ever, or have I even used one, but thats the impression I was under about Cal arts. Do you have any info on it?


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    I went to SAIC

    I started there when the computer animation program was just getting off the ground and it wasn't the greatest, hence I left... though I now regret it. Over all it was a great place however I think it was geared more towards fine art and more specifically something modern and abstract. They had a small lab full of SGI Indys and another that had some Mac and ran Softimage and Extreme3d on the macside. The instructors were not that knowledgable and I learned more from fellow students then I did them.

    However that was 5 years ago and the CG field has changed considerably and I am gonna guess so has their program.

    Knowing that I would maybe go back there, it is expensive and it is cold, I lived there for 20 years and it wasn't bad then but to someone that has never... it's kinda harsh. Yet it is still a good school and worth going to.

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    A friend of mine used to work in the admissions office at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I think it used to be a great trad art school, but hasn't been considered a great school for awhile now. I've never met anyone who went there recently (my uncle went there decades ago), so that's all I can tell you about now. Sorry I can't be more helpful. You're GOT to do some more research and talk to more people, and definitely visit any schools you're seriously considering. If you can't find people online, go to the school, sit in on some classes, ask for some graduate contact info and talk to current students wandering the halls. One plus is the city of Chicago. I love it here, and even moved back after a 6 year hiatus because I missed it. Great nightlife, great restaurants, great local music scene, a ton of shit to do in the summer, a little less happening in the winter.

    And why do people bitch about Chicago winters? I ride the elevated train (aka the "L") to school every weekday (Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago - don't go there if you can avoid it!) during last winter, and will do it again this winter. It just ain't that bad! Get yourself a down jacket, gloves and maybe a scarf and you'll be fine. Although, last winter was kinda mild...

    Good luck!
    -Bad Mange

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    I grew up around here, and have been involved in the arts community, and known a few people who've taught and studied at SAIC. It's always been one of the best schools for fine art. Not so much for commercial applications like illustration or design. If you want to make professional connections in the entertainment or publishing biz, I would recommend something on the coasts. If you want to be a gallery artist, this is a great place. Excellent museum connected to the school too.

    That said, Chicago is a great town, with a lot of great things happening. The people are great - very frank and matter-of-fact. And the reason the winters suck is because they get below zero Farenheit, and while you're freezing your ass off waiting for the el, you know that in 6 months it's going to be above 100 degrees at some point. So make sure you have a large wardrobe

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