Hello, I'm a new member to Conceptart. I'd like to share my sketches.

My older works are in slideshow form on my blog:


I'm interested in critiques (constructive or otherwise). I've been drawing forever, but never had a chance to refine or get professional training. I am a medical student so my only art training would be anatomy. Anyways, my pen is still developing, so your thoughts are more than welcome.

I'm currently interested in the anime style. I've been looking at online tuts, but don't know of good ones.

Thanks for visiting, and I'll try to be persistant with posts as I am with my blog. Below is a sketch I did in 2003. It's DesignArt pencil on stock paper. The subject is Victoria Secret model Giselle Bundchen. Enjoy...I know I did.


Sketchings of a Bokerjoker