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    Richard Panholzer Guest



    New here...posting some old stuff...any comments appreciated...
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    FIG Guest

    No replies?!!!

    Damn, this is beautiful work. I love the personality you injected in the face. Post more. Now. Hurry up.
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    oh whoa awesome, i gotta go draw or something - you are the straw that broke my f*%#!@ back.
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    Wow.. just when I'm about to give up on 3d modeling (I'm hopeless at it), something like this pops up and inspires me to give it another go....

    I love the way he's built, especially the legs.

    thanks, bud. You just made my day
    It's got to be more than a memory, or is life just a fantasy and a piss in the sand?
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    Richard Panholzer Guest
    wow...thanks for all the great comments...very, very much appreciated...I was beginning to think I should go back to my old job selling meat puppets.
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    Very entertaining character..

    He begs to be animated.
    However, there are a few weird things happening with the upperbody. He is very muscular but you have over exagerated the lower part of his rib cage (further enhanced by the painted cast shadows). This should be covered by muscle transitioning from abdominals into the tuck under the front of the lats. Second, your biceps appear to be terminating into the middle top of the back of the forearm rather than into the inside middle of the forearm. Just a quick check of an anotomy book would show you what I mean. These things are easy to miss when modeling - you get lost in the detail and until someone points it out or you take a step back you miss it. We all do it. Also, considering the great stylization of the physique, his knees seem a little over-worked.

    On a positive note - that is an absolutely great character head and face. You nailed this haughty but jovial confidense in the smile and eyes....well done.

    Ssssh! smell that?
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    Richard Panholzer Guest
    Thank you very much for your comments Billy. Your are absolutely right on all counts. Hopefully, one day I'll get around to re-building him.
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    Landmate Guest
    very nice, you might want to soften up some of the hard edges a bit.
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