Here are my rates for storyboarding. I wanted to put them into these forums because my storyboarding rates differ from my other rates.

All these rates are including social, self employment taxes (53%) and 15% holiday coverage.

Storyboards, greyscale or b/w, A5 size (21x15cm) or less

86,50 USDollars per board (865 SEK)
125 USD per hour in meetings, research, script reading, travelling etc.
100 USD starting fee

All these rates are adjusted by the time factor.
Every single commercial producer that I have worked for (every single time, and we are talking alot of commercials) have been stressed and out in the last second.
It's like "Oh, we need storyboards! Like yesterday!" And they call you at 11 am, book a meeting with the director at 4 pm, the meeting runs for 3 hours as you talk it through and sketch, and they want the cleanups, inked and shaded by 9 am the following day so you know you'll be working all night. That's boards, pulling double shifts, considering that you have other clients planned in. But of course you say "sure thing", "consider them done".

That's when I double all my rates for that gig. I tell the producer that of course I'm happy to do the job and help them out, which I am, but this is going to throw off my schedual for tomorrow (due to the fact that I do need some sleep and have other gigs to do as well)
and that I don't enjoy working nights. The work always gets sloppy the more tired I get and the shading and inking are always the last step.

When charging double rates I then hire a cleanup and inking assistant. This way I sketch everything out and the assisstant can start cleanup as soon as I'm done with a sketch and when I am done sketching I can start inking or scanning the cleanups for shading. And when the assistant is done with the lineart cleanups they can start shading my ink lineart or scans.

Thereby we are done earlier, I get some sleep before meeting the client the next morning and get shouted out by the director because the boards suck (which happens when I have a 16 hour day and nights work drawing and the director is a demon from outer space (I charge triple rates to work for him again, no matter what time it is in the day. He's just bad news.)

My assistant makes 50% (42 USD per board) of my rates and I make 1.5 of my own rates (120 USD per board).

These rates only apply to commercial boards.

So, if you do 3 commercials a week, at 30 boards per commercial and 3 hours of meetings for each commercial, don't forget the 300 USD in starter fees, and work the boards at night doing over-time means that you would make about 13000 USD a week doing story boards and you would be heading for a burn out and have no social life what so ever. Now try 3 commercials a week for 4 months. 2 commercails per month would be perfect.

Sure the money in commercials is good, that's why people do them, but it might just not be my game after 4 years of commercials. Then again I happened to be the flavour of the month for 6 months or so and then my best client employed me full time instead and I ended up staying there for 3,5 years.

But that's another story :-)

Features and computer games
For storyboarding assigments that run for 1 month or longer I charge by the month as per my previous post on the thread employment discussion>>preparing for work

Have fun,