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    not responding

    has anyone had this trouble before? when I go to save or open a file in photoshop or illustrator, when I press the buttons "my computer", "my documents" etc. to select a location the program freezes and I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL end program. (I know this picture is of illustrator, but exactly the same thing happens in photoshop)

    not responding
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    I've had this before... it normally occurs when I'm trying to do too much at once, and I'm inpatient and try double clicking stuff before the machine is ready. When it happens hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and look at what your processor is upto. I'm thinking several things.. could be processor power, could be ram, could be some other conflicting sofware on your machine.

    I'm not sure this reply helps, but hopefully someone more educated will be along in a bit.

    I've just noticed this reply which may help:
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    RAM is fairly cheap, if you are short or if yours is old, It may help. Try, fairly decent from my expereinces.

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