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    Womens head done with ref. It is a practice piece now the real test do a head without any ref.

    And something for the drawoff. It suffers from my three hours and the boredom hits in rule.


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    The head is really good. You did a good job on the hair. The colors on the cheeks seem off to me. The shading looks good, and I realize that the ref pic you used might have had makeup or something, but it still seems like the wrong color compared to the rest of the face.
    All in all though very good...better than I could do lol.

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    The lady's painting looks really nice, although that picture is only half loaded for me, the bottom half is gray. Not sure if that's what the original photo looks like, but one of her eyes seems longer than the other.

    For the second one, the creature doesn't seem to blend in with the background, mostly due to the difference in details. The rocks seems to have detailed and sharp texture, while the creature is not as detailed and has blurry edges and shading. Also part of the tongue should be brighter around the area that's above the bright spot on the rock.

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    Thanks for the crits. The womens face while done from ref isnt exactly like the orginal you would reconzine her all right but if she is quite differant at the same time. i was'nt trying to go for a exact likeness just use the ref as a base.

    HTML Code:
    The colors on the cheeks seem off to me
    i added the pink cheeks in as i like the pink cheek look. I
    never really thought about it been off will have to look in to it a bit more.

    HTML Code:
    but one of her eyes seems longer than the other.
    Yeah i know but i left it as eyes are never perfect but maybe it is too noticable. As for my Lizard thingy maybe i did get carried away with rocks i was in a experimental stage but point taken.

    Yeah it has only half loaded will repost it, Thanks again for the crits.

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