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    A question for the industry?

    I know the brush doesn't make the man, but I'm just curious what digi brushes do most of you guys in the concept industry find yourself using alot of the time?

    - Visions

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    As for painting in PShop: Im using the brushes that came with my intuos 3 tablet - theres a nice variety there.
    As far as Painter - I mostly use it for drawing: I use the fine detail and tapered brushes under airbrush - the stuff Ive done on the first page if you click on the link below are examples
    Oh and the conte brushes are really nice too - has the look of charcoal on newsprint

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    the industry uses lots of brushes. my favorite is the plain old round brush with the opacity and flow set to pen pressure. the industry also recommends mechanical pencils, the soft airbrush, oh! and that leaf brush and grass brush! those two have saved my ass almost as much as the lense flare

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    Don't forget that there neon glow as well. And cloud render is a life saver!

    I've seen quite a few pieces using the rake from the Faux Finish brush section, though they are probably customized... I like using the soft round as well, size set to pen pressure.

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    I made a custom lens flare brush. Imagine the possibilities!

    and yea, Im with coro, nothing beats a round brush with opacity set to pen pressure.

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    I'm not a professional concept artist, but I am a 3D/graphic artist who uses photoshop alot. Of course all the stuff I use photoshop for at work is pretty boring, although I did make some texture brushes that came in quite handy for painting battle damage on a render of a vehicle. When I'm painting for fun I like to use a roughly square brush, with the opacity and flow set to pressure and under shape dynamics, set the angle to direction. Its more like painting with the broad side of a bright.
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