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    whatever I finish will go in here...

    Heres the finished color version of one of my sketches...

    whatever I finish will go in here...

    This will be the first finished piece ive posted here.
    I want to hate this by the time you're done critiquing it, haha. Well, maybe not that far, but tell me where i can improve on or any other comments as well.
    Appreciate it. thanks.

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    well first off I like the colors happening in the background.
    I think from this example you need to focus more on human anatomy. draw from life, photos, and artist you like.
    secondly, your perspective is way off for the angle you are shooting for. this can improve with more knowledge of anatomy and how it plays in space.
    third, drop the text. it makes the piece loose alot of depth. or if you do use text try to incorporate it more with the feeling of the piece.
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    Well, the only problem I have with it is I can't tell if he is sitting back on the rock or standing. It looks like he's drunk and having a hard time walking.

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    it looks kind of like he is falling back.... and i think you could lower the saturation of the image a little...
    (you asked for it)

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    Thumbs up

    Vast improvement man! I personaly like the saturation, and I really really like the lighting most about this pic. Every post you submit gets better and better everytime. Take in what people say and keep growing! It's fun to see your art mature. Don't stop now, keep em coming. Oh, and for goodness sake, put your signature in your work so people know who you are! Haha, 3 thumbs up.
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    neat costume design, but i see anatomy and perspective problems, and the lighting seems to be coming from everywhere at once. Id drop the text, or make it more subtle, in the bottom corner or something, where it doesnt distract from the figure. Careful with the over-saturation and use of dodge-and-burn. i know its considered essential to many digital artists, but should be used sparingly, cause it quickly becomes a crutch that keeps you from really learning about shading and color. Try painting as if you were using paint, instead of darkening your shadows to black.

    hope that helps, keep it up, i can tell youre into what youre doing. best of luck to you.

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