Please help to restore our Copyright Protections.
Our Civil Rights are at stake here!

I appreciate all of the support I'm getting, but we still need signatures. This is really Important, it needs to be taken seriously. It was brought to my attention by a very astute poster to one of my threads that we need only to remember the Artists of the 60's, 70's, etc... getting ripped off. If I could only figure out how to contact them I know we'd get this passed!

They probably ran out of the time it takes to collect evidence? I don't know, there's no time to research nowadays.

Three years simply gives the perpetrator too much time to destroy evidence though. My paper shredder works fast and it's an old 'over the trash can' type.
People should look at all of the possible ways that these Infringers use to protect their stolen wares, maybe then they'll understand the importance of this ISSUE.
What I keep hearing is that writers,artists,musicians, etc... don't believe that it happens at all. All they need to do is look around them on the net.

There are Lawsuits going on with big Company interests at stake, nothing for the aspiring artists who've been ripped off. Who knows maybe they don't think that their work is good enough to get stolen, or they think they'd feel flattered if it did.
It's not that way in the real world. It can be real damaging to your soul, especially when you can't get Attorneys to listen. They're supposed to help. Right?
I appreciate all the support that you've been giving me. I only wish that people realized that it only takes a few seconds to help change this Law to our favor, and it hurts nothing and nobody to sign it.
I've tried to stress to everybody that Infringers get fined. I've never heard of anyone doing jail time, that was one of the concerns that I had heard of.
No one seems to believe that it can happen to them, I didn't believe it either. We live and we learn!

Please help to restore our Copyright Protections.
Thank you for your time and consideration.