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    Puzzlings issues with PHOTOSHOP CS & Painter

    Hey all

    I was just taking a look at PS as I know that eventually I will have to learn to use it just as much and as well as I use painter..

    Anyways for the life of me I couldnt find a brush that gave me the same effect that preasure does in painter on a brush stroke... using a tablet and pen.


    in PS CS when I create a new pic/document, at the "colour mode" settings I only have 8-bit or 16-bit RGB, were is my 32-bit? or 24bit true colour?

    And to open a photoshop cs .psd or any file format image in painter I have to save it in photoshop cs as 8bit - also photoshop cs doesn't seem to have an option to save images as jpg why?

    Something is wrong somewere me thinks.

    How can I create a 32 bit/true colour image in photoshop?

    I dont think I understanding PS CS well at all, as I thought it was capable of doing what painter does with the brushes, AND also would match my desktops true colour.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what I am/have doing/done wrong or missunderstanding with PS CS thanks ?

    Here are some picture/documents with strokes just to show how I cant get the brush effect in PS CS that I can in Painter IX.5

    painter image
    Puzzlings issues with PHOTOSHOP CS & Painter

    ps cs image
    Puzzlings issues with PHOTOSHOP CS & Painter

    See how in the painter strokes I can apply preasure and gradually increase the thickness and intensity of the stroke, were as in ps cs the strokes are just even all the way.

    weirdness and its bugging the hell out of me lol.


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    What you need to do is take a look through the brush well pulldown. It has a load of tabs that will give you all you need, as evinced by the collection of painterly strokes on the RHS of this image.

    Puzzlings issues with PHOTOSHOP CS & Painter

    At a pinch all you probably need is to turn on size coupling to tablet pressure and opacity/flow coupling to tablet pressure. these are enabled by default by checking the shape and other dynamics check boxes.

    The 32 bit vs. 8 bit thing is a matter of photoshop talking about 8 bits per channel. It is indeed 32 bit colour as each image has a red, green, blue and alpha channel. 32 bit colour is only 24 bit (~16 million) colours with 8 alpha bits (256 alpha values) anyway as the alpha channel controls the transparency of pixels and is culled if you're saving to a format that doesn't support alpha channels. The 16 bit option is for pedantic photographers, and is probably 48 bit colour (~281 trillion) with 16 bits of alpha (65536 alpha values)
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Anyhow if you were saving as a properly 8 bit image you would know.

    true colour:
    Puzzlings issues with PHOTOSHOP CS & Painter

    virtual 8 bit colour:
    Puzzlings issues with PHOTOSHOP CS & Painter

    To save as jpeg, gif, png, wbmp, File-> Save for web. Lovely interface too. You can also Save As to access a wider range of file types.

    I hope this is helpful. Please respond as to whether this is of any assistance to you.

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    Yeah thats been a BIG help many thanks.

    Thing is though, I have a feeling PS CS isn't recognising my cheepo tablet/pen, because right next to the shape dynamics brush tool drop down slot were you told me to look, if I try and set any of the options to pen preasure I get a little yellow sign that when you hover over it is says in a tool tip " a preasure sensitive pad is required" .

    Which is weird because corel painter IX.5 recognises the preasure sensativity on my pen/pad...

    Its only a cheepo one to get started with, its nothing fancy at all very cheep it was but it has preasure sensativity and 3 buttons..

    Anyways I think thats my problem, ps cs isn't recognising the preasure sensativity from my pen/tablet

    Other than that though your advice is appreciated, thanks for the explanation regaridng colour etc it helped loads

    Guess I just need to read more tutorials on ps cs

    So many of the tutorials out there though are just about photo manipulation though, and never about creating paintings, matte, cocnept art etc or sketching etc.

    Oh well, time to go see if I can solve the issue with my tablet heh.



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