This was some concept art I did for an upcoming game. I'm not really supposed to promote the game any, but they said I can do what I want with the art as long as they still get to use it. So I wanted to share this piece. The gargoyle should have a super long tale, but in this version I hadn't added the tale yet. It'll be added onto the model sheets though. I added a lot of gravy to this picture that wasn't need for concept art, but I really enjoyed working on it. I know he is pretty simple, but in my mind they would be REALLY athletic, fast, jump around a lot, and have deep, sharp voices. I also pictured them, if they ever do talk, being relaly sarcastic or smart ass, hence his smirk in the picture. You know how the mind goes into over drive though. =] Who knows how they'll turn out in the final production. Any feedback would rule. Thanks guys.