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Thread: helpppp meee =)

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    helpppp meee =)

    hi i'm from south california....
    i was interested in entering the field of 3d modeling...mainly using the maya program..

    i currently have maya 4.0....

    i noticed a few schools taht was interested in: dhima, gnomon, and otis...

    i know gnomon is really maya oriented but they only give you a certificate.. and i was wondering what good a certificate is compared to a degree???

    well basically i was wondering if anyone could tell me more about which school has the best education for 3d programs...

    i already know that calarts and art center do not really concentrate on the 3d field......


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    first off answer these questions:

    1. Do you really care about getting a "degree" if so is it based on your beleifs, your parents, or some other reason?

    2. Why do you want to get into 3D?

    3. Have you ever worked in a 3d program (you said maya)? Did you enjoy it? What do you want to do with your 3d knowledge? (games, movies, graphic design, architecture? web design? what?" How much time have you actually spent using Maya?

    3. Have you taken "any art classes with studio experience?"

    4. Have you worked from life?

    5. What reason do you think or feel is your driving goal or passion to get into a certain feild doing 3d?

    6. How are your skills with computers in general? How fast does it take you to learn a new program?

    answer these questions and it will help to figure out what choices are good for you..

    One thing about asking questions in forums like this that are so broad is really hard without a indepth description of yourself..


    What classes have you taken since growing up are you passionate about? Why did you like those classes.

    Ill check back on this post later, and try and help you out.

    Id also read up on the other threads in this section on schools.. Make sure you check the box that shows all posts, not just the last 30 days..

    -Deth Jester
    "Live each day like you will die tommorow, and dream like you will live forever..."

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