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    My first photoshop painting. *phew*

    I have worked on it about a week. But in totally it maybe
    took 4-5 hours to paint it. Im not sure actually...

    I have painted some(maybe 3-4) photoshop paintings before
    but i have never finnished one.

    But this one i have finnished.

    Oh almost forgot. I painted it from a photo i found on the web.
    But i dident try to "copy" the foto, i just looked att the perspektiv
    on it and then painted the img with my own style. Hmm hope u understand
    what i mean=)

    WHat do u think? Critics, suggestions and oppinions are welcome!

    EDIT: Large img, can take awhile to load!

    My first photoshop painting. *phew*
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    Welcome to CA. This is a pretty decent first PS painting as well. It's good to see that you're gravitating towards applying traditional painting disciplines as well, as I see too many beginners who look for shortcuts in the wrong places with digital mediums. My only critique would be that you may want to get a little more bold with your tones in the foreground. A flat green/gray is still pretty evident under your speckled leaves and I think pushing the contrast on your shadows might help you model that area to an even greater extent. It would certainly allow it to pop more as a foreground element. I think you may be able to get a way with more delineation in the background as well. Especially concerning where clouds begin and end when imposed over the mountains. More tonal seperation there would be effective in shaking that digital-gradient feeling.

    All in all however, I like it. Congrats on your first digital painting and again, welcome.

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    Look good man, not bad.
    My only crit though would be about ure depthfog. I think the jump from the strong greens to the blues is maybe to apparent. It might look nicer with some greens apparent in the second of the hills/mountains going away.

    Good job though, like exo says, nice traditional approach.
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    Thank u! I dont think i will try to "update" this picture but
    i will think about what u guys said when i paint the next one=)

    I first tried to paint it with low opacity brushes and that kind of stuff
    becuase i saw that many do that. But i couldent really get
    that technique(how is that spelled?=) ) right so i just painted with "normal" colors.

    I think i will contiune with the technique i have used on this painting...

    EDIT: Oh I forgot to say. The one thing, i remember now, that im not satisfied
    with the painting is the tree texture on the trees in the backround.(the blue ones)
    I had problems to paint a pattern/texture that really looked like trees...
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    Hi Mr. Walker,

    personely I don't see anything wrong with the depthfog... it even gives me the impression that the dales are very steep.

    The only thing that troubles me a bit is the texture of the plants in the front (closest to the viewer)... it might be nicer if you painted a little more 'sloppy' instead of trying to paint each leaf individually.

    But... besides of this all, it is a very nice painting! Well done!

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    thx! It was very excuasting to paint all the leavs, I see leavs when I close my eyes now=)

    But im not sure how to paint it "sloopy" as u say.
    Do u have any suggestions? That would be very helpful!

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