Messed my system up couple of days ago didn't I lol

So I have speant the passed few days reinstalling my OS's, software, re-registering / updating & patching to try and get back to were I was 2 days ago.

Not very pleasant I can asure you lol

Anyways... sme being be I forgot to abckup those really important things like email address, contatcs, Bookmarks, texture libraries etc

So guess what?

Yeah thats right, I want you all to fire me some url's to the 3D/2D CG Community that you use allot.

I rememebred most of my regular ones but I forgot a whole host of others I liked to visit.

So if any of you know of any good 2D concept/matte painting sites then link me to them pls thanks

Any 2D/3D CG links will do I need to buck up my collection again. ESPECIALLY Industry related...

I find it incredibly usefull to have allot of bookmarks for the CG scene as there is always so much going on within the scene that you dont often hear about the little things that might relate to you, unless you hit the right website

Anything else usefull you can think of will be appreciated also